Many predictions from our last year's summary of trends are now starting to come true, and are taking shape in implemented projects. We now present a new set of trends for 2018, the predicted results of the growing maturity of technology in banking.

We present practical tips and recommendations on what to back in the coming year, when building an electronic banking platform. These recommendations are a direct result of our experience and observation of the development of the banking and fintech markets.

For the managers of banking platforms, 2018 will be a year of technological renaissance oriented to speed (time-to-market), verified solutions and the ubiquity of technology. There will be no great revolutions, but many well-known solutions will be redefined into much more valuable forms, providing practical tools for both the client and the bank. The characteristics of the coming year will be the transfer of already tested methods to new terrain: mobile technology in the offline phygital world, hybridization of native applications, microservices in the sphere of team management, transfer of fintech marketplaces to bank ecosystems, and instalments already available during checkout to pay later.


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