For managers, 2019 will be particularly important as it will bear witness to a radical change in our approach to measuring and operating data in a systematic, automatic and increasingly autonomous manner. This year can be earmarked as one of popularization of robots in many systems, which are forming an increasing part of the workload for us mere humans.

Unlike in previous years, superficial changes to business and technology are no longer enough. The future is changing the invisible bloodstream of companies - processes and operations - requiring a digital transformation of the enterprise from the inside. With the help of ever better automation and robotics, we expect a wide variety of ways to reach customers with the use of conversational service tools. The distribution and multitude of such systems - invisible to the user - will encourage growth in new areas and approaches to development in need of ever greater control of cohesion building or sharing of tools (such as marketplace in applications). The new trends are a response to recent data challenges for companies, the distribution of systems and the higher organisational needs of an agile and automized business.


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