EFI4 Analytics is an advanced web analytics tool made especially for organizations who consider the privacy and security of data their top priority. It is an ideal choice for banks, financial providers and fintechs: the system is deployed 100% on premise and keeps all the data safely inside your own environment. You can use it for data collection and analysis not only in the public portal, but also in all secure parts of your ecosystem, including digital banking and mobile apps.

EFI4 Analytics can be deployed as a standalone solution or as a module within the EFI4 Digital Banking Platform with seamless data integration.


  • Data Science Enabled – Based on a defined set of rules and a machine learning approach, EFI4 Analytics will be able to determine when and how to display relevant messages to the user, so maximizing the chance of retention, increasing conversions, or acquiring new users. New sources of data like Data Science scoring listing can be added via secure API or uploaded directly.
  • Tracking sessions and individuals in real-time – EFI4 Analytics allows you to track a single user, including tracking the position of the mouse on the screen, in the form of a screencast in real time. This can supply the analyst with quality information on how the user explores on the page, which links have been clicked and how the content is being explored.
  • Multiple dedicated dashboard – The user can create several dedicated dashboards, depending on their needs. Each dashboard consists of widgets which are individual elements of the entire system. If something is important to the user, it can be pinned to the user’s own custom dashboard.
  • Shortcuts for routine actions – The user can create shortcuts to selected and customized reports that will appear in the navigation. This will bring the benefit of having quick and easy access to the most frequently used reports.
  • Smart insights for self-service optimization – Smart hints recognize what the user is looking for and if possible they provide him with the most relevant suggestions and actions to take. For example, in the graph representing the conversion funnel, the system automatically selects and draws the user’s attention to the point in which the largest percentage of users drop out. In addition, the suggestions will contain information on potential reasons why users drop out. The smart hints engine uses advanced algorithms and a large knowledge base implemented into the system.
  • Semantic search for natural language exploration – The global search engine which is available in the Efi4 Analytics tool allows users to quickly find answers to questions related to web analytics. Getting the right answers is as simple as entering the name of the indicator and the EFI4 platform will provide a set of widgets relevant to the indicator as well as a predefined report that includes it. What’s more, the user can even enter a search query in natural language, such as „the number of unique users in May”, triggering the display of the appropriate report which is now addable with one-click to the user’s own collection.
  • Custom-made reporting – Based on all predefined reports the user can create his own custom reports which can include indicators and other data important from the organization’s point of view.
  • Emphasize understanding by visual data representation – The EFI4 Analytics platform provides various forms of numerical data presentation in order to make it easier to interpret raw numbers.
  • The user can choose between different forms of data visualization such as: percentage of total, eviation from the average, heat maps.


Lets you understand your users and optimize conversion
Keeps all the analytics data securely on premise
Provides world-class user experience


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