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The difference between UI and UX

Generally speaking, the recipe for a successful digital product is relatively easy. Your product has to check the following boxes: • It needs to be relevant to potential users, e.g., solve a common problem or provide the desired service • It needs to be useful and intuitive • It must come with a well-thought-out offer and pricing plans We can say that customers/users should simply want to use your product,Read More »

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What is dark UX?

It is more than likely you’ve encountered an example of the dark UX at least once in the past. Have you ever seen a pop-up ad that was extremely difficult to close? Or maybe the costs of the product went up shortly before finishing the order, or a “download” button turned out to be a hidden ad (or, even worse, malware)? These are all examples of dark UX. Persuasive andRead More »

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Future technology predictions: interfaces move towards multimodal and subconscious

The main force that drives progress in the interface space is reducing the burden of manipulating reality (AKA interaction cost). We see three long-term UX trends that contribute to reducing that burden: improving on brain-body-world interface (by means of multimodality) improving brain-world interface reducing the number of interactions I. Brain-Body-World interface Our first interface is our body. It is a connection between the brain and reality. This interface has toRead More »

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What is gamification and how to design it

Gamification definition Gamification is the application of elements specific to games in non-game contexts. You can also define gamification as a way of solving problems by using elements known from games. I’ll give you two examples. Gamification examples Firstly, you have probably heard of Duolingo. This is an extremely popular language learning platform used by people all around the world. One of the reasons why it is so popular isRead More »

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Software design process: don’t think software, think tools!

Treating your software as a tool (or a set of tools) is an interesting mental exercise we believe will benefit your design process. I. Software is a tool Most software built for people forms thinking tools. Tools in general enhance our capability to influence the environment and ourselves. a stone in a monkey’s paw: it allows the monkey to extract a cashew nut from a hard shell and eat it.Read More »

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How to Develop an App: Understanding the Development Process

Whether you have questions about how to develop an app for iPhone, Android, or any other platform, the general applications development life cycle is the same. There are several ways to outline the process. They are mostly the same but may include a varying number of steps depending on the level of detail that is included. For our purposes, there are eight steps: research, goal setting, project planning, wireframing, prototyping,Read More »