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Read full story «Open source, enterprise or enterprise open source? How to choose a CMS»

Open source, enterprise or enterprise open source? How to choose a CMS

Currently, each institution has its own website. So, does it follow that a large company always has to use expensive IT solutions? Do the largest institutions in Poland have to have the most expensive CMS systems? How can we find a happy medium between open source and enterprise solutions to optimize costs while meeting customer requirements? That is what this text will cover. As a company from the industry widelyRead More »

Read full story «What is PHP used for? How can we use it in a project?»

What is PHP used for? How can we use it in a project?

What Is PHP Used For? The purpose of PHP is to provide a level of functionalities that HTML alone cannot achieve. These functions happen on the server side which means they are executed on the web server and then passed to the user’s browser, By using PHP with HTML, web developers can add a variety of features to a website. If you ask, “What is the main use of PHP?”Read More »

Read full story «Outsourcing Software Development»

Outsourcing Software Development

More firms than ever are turning to outside sources for development, IT, and other technical needs. In some cases, these outside contractors are coming onsite to fill roles formerly reserved for staff. In others, the work is completed offsite and even offshore. Why Programming Outsourcing May Be a Good Fit for Your Company #1 Overcoming a Limited Talent Pool As the demand for technology development rises at an exponential rate,Read More »

Read full story «Why is immutability so important in React?»

Why is immutability so important in React?

As you would deduce from the title, this article is going to be about immutability and React. In general it is a very vast topic and I don’t want to dive into fundamentals, because it would require another article (or rather series of articles). If you are really interested in this topic the Internet is full of material to begin with. I highly recommend adopting such ideas as pure functions,Read More »

Read full story «The Future Of Frontend Frameworks»

The Future Of Frontend Frameworks

JavaScript started to play more and more an important part across the years, handling basic functionality for the website at first, and becoming a crucial foundation as of today. The past… up to now Over the years, many tools were created which helped to speed up web development. From jQuery (it was used to build the first version of Gmail by the way), to Backbone (the first framework that allowedRead More »

Read full story «Building WebComponents for third-party sites using React, Typescript, Webpack and Element Queries»

Building WebComponents for third-party sites using React, Typescript, Webpack and Element Queries

Their usage should replace the need for injecting external content into web pages using IFrames. But can we use them effectively with modern UI libraries like React? The promises of WebComponents Their javascripts and stylesheets can be encapsulated within ShadowDOM, thus avoiding interference with global DOM properties ShadowDOM content can be rendered by browsers without putting it inside the main document DOM tree Custom elements can be placed anywhere inRead More »

Read full story «Painless Changelog»

Painless Changelog

Ok, so you are working in a small team, creating a component library. Some people are fixing bugs, some are adding new functionalities and in general, there is one person working on a specific component. Seems like everything is okay and nobody is interfering with anybody’s work. But there’s one problem – we all need to collect information about our work in the library’s changelog.   The thing is thatRead More »

Read full story «Is it a source of shame to be a PHP developer?»

Is it a source of shame to be a PHP developer?

When I started my first job as an IT specialist years ago (it’s not important how many ?), I was given an opportunity to learn PHP and become a developer. At that time PHP was already a very popular language. Everyone was making websites using PHP and MySQL. PHP was easy enough to start quickly and make simple websites with databases in a couple of days. It sounds like front-endRead More »