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Read full story «Principles of Risk Management and Insurtech»

Principles of Risk Management and Insurtech

What Insurtech is not In the past centuries the life cycle of a middle class was quite predictable with not so many alternative choices. Graduating from school, getting married, then having children, eventually growing old peacefully. However, just when you least expect accidents to happen, the best-laid plans can be turned upside down. On this occasion, it was customary to buy the life insurance policy in order to minimize risk.Read More »

Read full story «Future technology predictions: interfaces move towards multimodal and subconscious»

Future technology predictions: interfaces move towards multimodal and subconscious

The main force that drives progress in the interface space is reducing the burden of manipulating reality (AKA interaction cost). We see three long-term UX trends that contribute to reducing that burden: improving on brain-body-world interface (by means of multimodality) improving brain-world interface reducing the number of interactions I. Brain-Body-World interface Our first interface is our body. It is a connection between the brain and reality. This interface has toRead More »

Read full story «ISTQB certification for novices and experienced testers – is it worth it?»

ISTQB certification for novices and experienced testers – is it worth it?

Software testing attracts in equal measure those first entering the labor market, as well as those previously employed in different positions in other industries. People are becoming consistently more aware of the job market and what it can offer, meaning that the classic model of spending several years in one workplace is now consigned to history. Employees are not afraid of switching employers or industries, even if it involves startingRead More »

Read full story «Mobile apps in the service of mental health»

Mobile apps in the service of mental health

Do you remember how you felt 5 days ago? And what about two weeks ago? Are there any changes between your mood today and at the end of March 2020? Do you know how many days in a row you were stressed out? Do you know what factor triggered it and why? It is hard to answer all those questions. The majority of us do not monitor our mental healthRead More »

Read full story «What is PHP used for? How can we use it in a project?»

What is PHP used for? How can we use it in a project?

What Is PHP Used For? The purpose of PHP is to provide a level of functionalities that HTML alone cannot achieve. These functions happen on the server side which means they are executed on the web server and then passed to the user’s browser, By using PHP with HTML, web developers can add a variety of features to a website. If you ask, “What is the main use of PHP?”Read More »

Read full story «Developing design system – patterns»

Developing design system – patterns

During the whole process of developing the design system there are many decisions to make and many traps to fall into. We will describe most of the concepts that we followed. We’re going with ReactJS and Styled Components throughout the rest of the article. ? Main principles The successful creation of a good design system includes strict collaboration between development and design. The former should translate all the visual conceptsRead More »

Read full story «Outsourcing Software Development»

Outsourcing Software Development

More firms than ever are turning to outside sources for development, IT, and other technical needs. In some cases, these outside contractors are coming onsite to fill roles formerly reserved for staff. In others, the work is completed offsite and even offshore. Why Programming Outsourcing May Be a Good Fit for Your Company #1 Overcoming a Limited Talent Pool As the demand for technology development rises at an exponential rate,Read More »

Read full story «Guava cache vs Caffeine»

Guava cache vs Caffeine

Cache is a mechanism which allows us to get the most frequently used unchanged data in the shortest possible time. It is usually in the form of in-memory storage with an API allowing us to get data with a key and clearing it when not needed. As data caching is a common necessity, there are many implementations already created. Two popular ones are Guava Cache and Caffeine Guava Cache ThisRead More »

Read full story «Why is immutability so important in React?»

Why is immutability so important in React?

As you would deduce from the title, this article is going to be about immutability and React. In general it is a very vast topic and I don’t want to dive into fundamentals, because it would require another article (or rather series of articles). If you are really interested in this topic the Internet is full of material to begin with. I highly recommend adopting such ideas as pure functions,Read More »

Read full story «The Future Of Frontend Frameworks»

The Future Of Frontend Frameworks

JavaScript started to play more and more an important part across the years, handling basic functionality for the website at first, and becoming a crucial foundation as of today. The past… up to now Over the years, many tools were created which helped to speed up web development. From jQuery (it was used to build the first version of Gmail by the way), to Backbone (the first framework that allowedRead More »