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Spring Boot REST application with Keycloak SSO integration

Prerequisites Basic knowledge of Spring Boot and Maven Running Keycloak instance with access to the administration console What is SSO? SSO (single sign-on) allows users to authenticate with multiple applications by logging in only once with the same credentials. What is Keycloak? According to “Keycloak is an open source Identity and Access Management solution aimed at modern applications and services. It makes it easy to secure applications and servicesRead More »

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Creating a Selenium grid

Its real power shows when it is used in a grid, where multiple browsers on multiple OSs can be run simultaneously — this is a must-have setup for every QA and front-end developer team. Here, I’ll try my best to show how to set up such a grid with a usage example. Structure A grid consists of a hub and one or more nodes. The hub, as the name suggests,Read More »