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Read full story «User research methods in times of crisis»

User research methods in times of crisis

Does the new approach in user experience testing mean the death of laboratory tests? The uncertainties caused by Coronavirus turned the user experience testing approach on its head. UX Researchers focused on qualitative UX research methods, who had arranged user research interviews in laboratories in the first quarter of 2020, especially experienced the impact of this disruption. Within a few days, it was necessary to completely change the approach toRead More »

Read full story «ISTQB certification for novices and experienced testers – is it worth it?»

ISTQB certification for novices and experienced testers – is it worth it?

Software testing attracts in equal measure those first entering the labor market, as well as those previously employed in different positions in other industries. People are becoming consistently more aware of the job market and what it can offer, meaning that the classic model of spending several years in one workplace is now consigned to history. Employees are not afraid of switching employers or industries, even if it involves startingRead More »

Read full story «Is it a source of shame to be a PHP developer?»

Is it a source of shame to be a PHP developer?

When I started my first job as an IT specialist years ago (it’s not important how many ?), I was given an opportunity to learn PHP and become a developer. At that time PHP was already a very popular language. Everyone was making websites using PHP and MySQL. PHP was easy enough to start quickly and make simple websites with databases in a couple of days. It sounds like front-endRead More »