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Digital banking platform

Build a fully operational, omnichannel, profitable and lovable banking platform with us in under a year. Our solution – the EFI4 Digital Banking Platform – covers all key areas of your digital presence: Digital Banking, Mobile Apps and Public Portal.

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Development and Design for financial industry

Provide your clients with a new, unique platform matching your strategy and creating the best customer experience. We will design and develop it specifically for your needs and requirements – both in tailor-made UX/UI and dedicated technology areas.

Banking in pandemic times e-book

The COVID-19 pandemic is proving to be something of a catalyst in the fusion of banking and technology, including FinTech in its broadest sense. Banking in Pandemic Times reflects on how the sector unwittingly prepared itself to operate in quarantine conditions and tries to answer the question of what to expect next.

Read the free e-book and find out how the worlds of banking and FinTech are changing in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Our guarantee
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We understand complex IT & marketing processes and will take responsibility for the entire process from the early phase of digital strategy to final implementation, maintenance and development.



We are flexible enough to align ourselves to your unique strategic needs, creating concepts to best improve end-user satisfaction, increase conversion and build loyalty.



Implementing projects and meeting challenges on such a scale gives us the confidence to overcome any barrier and find the best solutions to accelerate your digital transformation process.



Our deep understanding of the client is the base from which we create icons of design proven time and again to be courageous but truly implementable and highly successful.

You can fully rely on our experience and professionalism

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