Case studies

See how we create delightful-to-use portals, banking systems and apps for the most innovative global companies.

Digital & Mobile Banking

We designed & developed some of the most innovatiove and disruptive digital and mobile banking products

Credit Agricole Bank Polska

Outside-of-the-box and sales-accelerating approach to Credit Agricole’s mobile app design

What does it really mean to create a completely new banking application from scratch? What does the process look like, from the point of view of the external UX team, the banking project and the business team? The following case study is a story about what a modern banking application should be today and how to stand out from numerous fintechs and neo-banks. It is also a story about how to reconcile the user-centered design approach with the need to address the internal needs of a huge organization such as a bank.
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Services: UX/UI Concept & Design, 
UX Research Time: 10 months Type: Mobile application Team: 10 Designers
Aion Bank

Challenging the banking industry with a subscription banking mobile app for Aion Bank

Efigence helped Aion Bank execute an entirely new business model of subscription banking. Aion app brings value that was never seen before – people who want to maximize their money through savings and investments will find it most useful.
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Project duration: 12 months UX Strategy UX/UI Design Frontend Design System
BNP Paribas

Building BNP Paribas digital supremacy with the top-notch mobile application

Thanks to the GOmobile app, the bank noticed an increased number of people using its services via smartphones and tablets. It has built a strong bond with users and helped them to automate everyday financial activities.
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Project duration: 18 months UX Strategy UX/UI Design Frontend Design System
Bank Pekao S.A.

PeoPay 4.0 app: creating innovative solutions focused on personalization and adaptation to the digital-savvy generation’s needs

By PeoPay 4.0, we wanted to attract a new target group – younger people who actively use the online and mobile environment. We know that they don't fear innovations – they love them. At the same time, we couldn't also forget about those outside this group, a little more conservative but equally crucial for Bank Pekao.
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Project duration: 8 months UX Strategy UX/UI Design

Enterprise-class CMS based portals

Complex multichannel, multiple sites or language portal implementations for large organizations. Focus on sales-optimized customer experience across all digital touchpoints.

Alior Bank

How we improved Alior Bank’s online sales by delivering perfect content targeting through a Magnolia-based portal

We created an easy-to-use and effectively-structured content platform for Alior Bank – having a notable impact on our client’s digital sales. We improved users’ interaction with the banking environment and generated an increase in mobile traffic, new accounts acquisition, time spent on the website, and even organic search traffic.
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Project duration: 10 months UX Strategy UX/UI Design Frontend Design System

A sales-friendly tool and well-structured content platform – how we adapted Nationale-Nederlanden’s essential needs to its new portal

Thanks to a combination of the client’s understanding, Magnolia's solutions together with our designers' and developers' work, we achieved more leads from the site, nearly twice the number of mobile users and much longer Time on Page. Now customers are able to easily find all the information they need as it has been implemented in an optimal and pleasant-to-use way.
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Project duration: 8 months UX Strategy UX/UI Design Frontend Design System