We are experts at creating digital platforms and solutions that boost client engagement and revenue.

With a detailed plan for going digital, the specific goal of fostering creativity and solutions focused on the client.

Looking for experts? Don't look further. We can do it for you!

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    Full end-to-end service

    We create customer-centric software by combining business insight, strategic advising, outstanding user experience, and modern technology in an unusual way.

    Digital Consulting
    & Business Analysis

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    Digital advisory

    Digital solutions should not only serve their purpose but also motivate people in our rapid, high-stakes era. With the help of our skilled digital consultants and business analysts, we can turn this belief into real results. We ensure that every innovation not only meets but also exceeds industry standards by dedicating ourselves to digital project lifecycle management and embracing a service mentality. Our unwavering commitment drives us to revolutionize digital creativity across several industries through groundbreaking innovations and exceptional user experiences.


    Strategy for digital

    Every big thing starts with a small idea. Our job is to take that idea and draw a map from it – a plan that shows everyone where we're heading, what cool tools we'll use along the way, and how everything fits together. We even sketch out a quick snapshot of what needs to be done first, like a sneak peek of the adventure ahead. But what if we're starting without an idea? No worries! Our detective team gets to work, checking out what others are doing or asking your current fans what they love. It's like gathering clues to solve a mystery. We want you to get it, to really feel part of the magic we're making together, whether we're creating something brand new or making an old thing shine. We're in this together, walking side by side, not just doing things for you but with you.

    Digital governance

    Successfully directing IT projects is our forte. While you concentrate on what you do best, our experts will dive headfirst into the project's foundational tasks, such as conducting needs assessments, organizing workshops, and adjusting the project's course. Progress is guaranteed by our dedication to clear and effective communication. From the very beginning to the very end, we keep an eye on the project, making sure it stays on track by using agile principles.

    Compelling customer experience

    Since we recognize how important your customer is to you, we put them first. Your portals, processes, and mobile apps will have flawless user journeys thanks to our team of consultants, business analysts, and UI/UX experts. Our job is to get the word out about this vision and make sure that everyone on your team, from developers to business strategists, gets it.

    Agile business analysis

    Business analysts are the ones who work directly at the delivery level of the projects. So, we know how to write documentation in any methodologies, especially agile ones. Our team knows when to start preparing the sprint backlog, how many sprints in advance the requirements need to be clarified, and why the refinement process is essential for the project to meet the deadline, scope and budget. This task is made more complex when keeping a customer-centric approach during delivery. Our analysts have great experience in conducting successful business workshops. Agile or non-agile, we also don't forget about analyst classics like BMPN or UML– we adjust tools to meet project-specific criteria.


    UX/UI Design

    We focus on boosting clients’ engagement and increasing the thrill factor. We meet your organization’s requirements to generate measurable value for business using a human-centric design approach.

    We deliver holistic, end-to-end user experience solutions for enterprise organizations.


    New product UX Strategy

    We explore the unmet needs of your consumer with human-centered design workshops. How is your industry changing through digital? We can find new competitive advantages, offerings, operating models and business models for a new digital product. Our UX Strategy gives you a product UX roadmap but also a Product Concept. Thanks to rapid prototyping we can very quickly transform customer journey maps into a real interface for key areas of your product. It will give you a target picture and starting point for iterative evaluation with real customers.

    Enterprise-level UX/UI process

    Our UX design process is ready to be seamlessly slotted into your organization’s digital transformation, customized to your situation and aligned with your strategic roadmap. Our design teams are ready to engage on a digital product development level but also on a broader organizational level to co-create an exciting customer experience together with your agile teams. We are focused on integrating design long-term across organizational teams to drive measurable value for your business.

    UX for Digital & Mobile Solutions

    User Experience change for the banking industry is a core of our design services. From daily banking solutions with a modern engagement-boosting approach to PFM integrations, through multicurrency tools and understanding of SME specifics to a complex corporate digital banking systems design. For over a decade our UX teams deepened their know-how which allows us to predict what comes next and how to make a valuable change for users at every step in their decision journey.

    A systematic approach to UX design

    With our human centric design process, our goal is to provide the most exciting digital experiences for your clients. But only by combining it with rigorous and agile test-and-refine iterations that we built, the systematic approach to design leads us to efficient development and a quick time-to-market of your product.


    Custom software development

    From idea articulation to ready product – we use our expertise in the Software Development Lifecycle to always achieve the best possible results. We provide flawless solutions based on innovative technologies and extended experience of our full stack experts.


    Agile software development

    When proposing agile, traditional or hybrid approaches for software product delivery, we take all the client’s requirements and organizational aspects into account. Agility in our understanding means not only responding to the changing business environment but also choosing proper tools tuned to the current customer’s needs. Once we understand a client’s needs and perspective, we recommend the best tailored project team, development environment, methodologies and frameworks.

    Discovery Phase

    One of the fundamental processes is the Discovery Phase. The Discover Phase gives a client and our team the opportunity to build valuable backlog and organize a cross-functional team. We believe that a cross-functional team delivers better outcomes for our users. We use product design and backlog refinement sessions as standard tools to accelerate the development process and to minimize misunderstandings during user story definition. We believe that a high-quality user story helps different stakeholders to understand the final solution’s scope and priorities.

    Architecture design

    We collect and analyse a client’s various inputs and views to prepare and recommend the perfect solution. While working on the design we focus on simplicity, security, interoperability, modifiability and scalability. The future application is broken down into manageable components, structural components and their interfaces to become an overall blueprint of a system. In this process we express technical complexity in an understandable form to our client.


    During the software construction and quality assurance phases we focus on streamlined communication with the client using a broad spectrum of tools like collaboration boards, task management tools and performance reports. All these tools significantly help our customer to check the status of the project and make decisions more easily. To deliver high quality software during our daily job we also use other tools like peer code review and CI/CD. We also use “test first” techniques to minimize total costs of software delivery significantly as we believe that finding defects sooner is the cheapest way to handle them.

    Technologies that give our clients measured value

    Drawing from our experience of successfully finished projects, we can recommend the best technology and techniques in every layer of complex application architecture: cloud and on-premises as well. From frontend to backend technologies, from legacy, monolithic to microservices we are here to help our client make proper technology decisions which will bring benefits in the future. Our technology experts have grounded experience and knowledge of using a broad range of languages, frameworks and tools in web and mobile frontend development, backend infrastructure and integration techniques.

    Technology stack

    The technological stack that we use covers all the layers of modern web application development, such as css frameworks and pre-processors, JS & Typescript, linters and package managers, and frameworks like Angular, React and Vue. To create robust backend services, we use the following technologies (not limited to) Java 17, Spring (Spring Boot), database engines like Postgres and Elasticsearch and DevOps tools like Jenkins and Docker.


    Software Maintenance

    Error and defect removal? It is much more than that. System availability, updates in different layers of infrastructure, bug fixing under SLA, analysis of critical sections of the System requiring optimization, continuous implementation of improvements or at the end of changes – development to adapt the software to current business needs.



    We ensure an availability level of 99.7% on a monthly basis, and the response time can be counted in minutes. Our solutions simply work.


    We monitor the system and its main functionalities around the clock, we will react even before a service request is registered.


    Based on the statistics of service requests we will indicate the critical sections of the system and propose solutions and changes.

    Manual & automatic regression tests content

    Something that was previously tested and worked properly might have gone wrong. We have it under control.


    Detection and mitigation of unwanted traffic.

    Quality Assurance & Quality Control

    We monitor, analyze, optimize and control. We look at the procedures and processes currently in force and examine their level of complexity in order to verify their optimality. We introduce changes for the better.


    Pre-built software components

    Launch faster digital experiences with pre-build technology
    solutions and ready-to-go IT concepts.

    Global search

    Global Search is the custom ultra-fast big data query platform which significantly unloads core enterprise systems. That’s why we call it the “global index”.

    The tool was designed for challenging financial industries, enabling fast search among transactional data. Searches can be performed using a user-provided phrase e.g., “card transaction”, specific amount searches, e.g., "15.23", prefix searches, e.g., "ca” used for so-called live searches.

    The platform is targeted as an efficient data source for the client's systems and is not limited to mobile banking applications. From the user perspective, the platform exposes API queries (REST or SOAP protocol).

    Technically Global Search is based on No-Sql, distributed, highly available-modern cluster architecture operating in cloud environments.

    Enterprise CMS public portal

    We also specialize in pleasant-in-use websites based on enterprise-level CMS systems, e.g., Magnolia. As providing such portals is one of our high competencies, we can deliver UX and frontend on any platform, but we became a Magnolia Platinum Partner which best fits our most frequent needs. Moreover, dozens of our projects have proven that this is a perfect tool for selling our clients’ products and services.

    Magnolia CMS ensures a smart platform for innovative and self-service digital marketing, where in day-by-day usage no developers are needed (low-code/no-code). It provides easy-to-use components and superfast getting to the production environment. Furthermore, its resilient technology is perfectly suitable for our custom, premium UX.

    The agile architecture of Magnolia CMS in JAVA enables high customization of code and CMS frontend to the specific needs of even the most demanding institutions. It applies to building a specific customer journey, dynamic searching, databases for collecting data or leads, and much more.

    Magnolia guarantees 100% security of user data for portals with the highest confidentiality class, such as banking, finance, telecommunications, automotive or state institutions.

    Digital Banking

    Pre-built digital banking components that empower your transformation into omnichannel banking with a delightful digital experience for your customers. Provide them with a seamless journey between various touchpoints while keeping full control over your platform via our modern web management system. Provide your SME clients with a powerful transactional system dedicated to their needs. Easy cashflow analysis, access rights for employees, integration with bookkeeping apps, invoicing and many more – all seamlessly incorporated into your digital ecosystem.