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Building BNP Paribas digital supremacy with the top-notch mobile application


Consulting, Research, Design, Front-end development


18 months


Mobile banking


6 Designers, 3 Analysts, 10 Developers

About the client

BNP Paribas Bank Polska is one of the leading Polish banks, a member of the BNP Paribas banking group whose footprint spans 65 countries. Following its desire to be perceived as “the bank for a changing world”, the bank decided to refresh its image. First of all, the company needed a modern, easy-to-use mobile application. We created the GOmobile app, delivering a great customer experience and including the latest trends in modern banking.


A swift and major image change

BNP Paribas wanted an intuitive, clear application, which would turn the bank’s slightly outdated image into a modern one. With an eye-catching layout and well-designed user experience, its goal was to refresh the company’s reputation.
The biggest challenge for us was the fact that we had only a month to design it all. We had to become extremely disciplined and force our client to make decisions much faster than usual. Despite such a short deadline, our professional team created an app out of the top drawer.

Our approach & solution

An application that can learn

We delivered a modern application that learned how its owners were making use of it. Thanks to data collecting, it surprised users with contextual hints like product recommendations or saving suggestions.

Financial advisory

GOmobile became a financial advisor for its users, proposing discount coupons in shops visited and prompting reminders of important dates and events during the year. Users get notifications about their revenues and expenses, forecasting transfer dates etc.

Easy to sign up

The registration process was maximally simplified. Also, we implemented special tools that taught users how to use the new application. They could find helpful advice on every application level, so it was easy to use even for non-technical, older clients.

“A smooth combination of technological knowledge, experience in designing a digital customer journey and knowledge of the needs of a modern banking customer made it our pleasure to design digital banking for BNP Paribas. GOonline is an innovative platform making the use of bank services more simple and intuitive than ever before. It allowed us to take full advantage of our competences and experience in the area of design and frontend for banking.”

Andrzej Szewczyk, Vice President & Managing Director at Efigence

Impact & results

A game-changing app

The BNP Paribas application became a game-changer with a real wow factor. Unique options like confirming transactions with a selfie or making transactions before logging in left the competition far behind. The bank has changed its conservative image effectively and set new trends in mobile banking.

An increased number of users in mobile channels

Thanks to the GOmobile app, the bank noticed an increased number of people using its services via smartphones and tablets. It has built a strong bond with users and helped them to automate everyday financial activities.

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