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How we improved Alior Bank’s online sales by delivering perfect content targeting through a Magnolia-based portal


Consulting, Research, Design, Front-end development


10 months


CMS-based web portal


2 Designers, 4 Analysts, 8 Developers

The situation

Alior Bank is a universal Polish bank addressing its services to both individuals and business customers. The company is known for its innovative products and solutions. Alior Bank wanted to liven up its page to address the needs of today’s clients, improve the site’s usability and implement search engine optimization as well as website statistic tools. Its main aim was to increase online sales both on desktop and mobile devices. The bank wanted modern online and mobile banking to bring it closer to its clients.


Creating a modern, pleasant-to-use bank portal that becomes a perfect sales tool

Alior Bank’s previous web portal was created in 2008. It contained a lot of information but wasn’t really clear and user-friendly anymore. Also, the site didn’t display correctly on mobile devices. Alior Bank created a “lighter” version for mobiles too, unfortunately, it was already obsolete – not designed for modern smartphones. The new webpage had to support experience and sales process including the latest trends and newest technologies.

Moreover, Alior Bank’s specialists noticed that digital marketing of their products is cheaper and more effective than advertising in traditional media or in branches. The bank’s webpage was visited by about 1.7 million users per month and more than 20% of them were first-time visitors. That’s why the new website had to become easy to navigate for the clients, as well as to turn into an effective, powerful sales tool.

Our approach & solution

Smooth experience and easy-to-find services thanks to the Magnolia CMS platform

We created a customer-friendly website with a strong focus on sales. We used the Magnolia CMS public portal – a tool that best fits our clients’ most frequent needs. All products and services are now easy to find and presented on dedicated pages. We have designed a new, intuitive user experience, which leads clients straight to the information they are looking for.

Targeted content

One of the most important things is that statistical tools allow Alior Bank to verify user activity on the internet, so the company can provide optimized content for a specific group of visitors. The website displays ads and offers which may be interesting for a specific visitor. Data collecting enables the introduction of new sales solutions.
Furthermore, the new webpage’s templates make it SEO-friendly. The webpage became more valuable for Google robots and therefore easier to find for internet users.

Customizable form component

We delivered new contact and sales forms which can be multiplied and implemented easily by Alior Bank’s specialists, without needing IT or marketing agency support (no extra cost). Alior Bank can quickly create new landing pages and forms for collecting data and decide how it’s processed further.

A new navigation tool

Visitors have at their disposal a search tool, similar to well-known search engines, so they can find information in an intuitive way. Google Chrome mobile users can also use voice to search. The tool predicts and suggests phrases, which are relevant to the visitors’ search results.

Perfect content targeting

Visitors get relevant information thanks to dedicated personalized versions of the same pages displayed to specific target groups. It’s possible thanks to the implementation of advanced statistical tools. They check the most often visited pages by a single visitor and optimize the content which they can see. It directly helps to enhance sales.

Indispensable and cost-reducing integrations

To provide the above solutions we integrated with Alior Bank’s internal systems in the field of currency exchange rates. We created a dedicated form module and integrated it with the bank’s CRM system dedicated to contact form handling. It was necessary to perform deployment in the bank’s infrastructure as well as to provide continuous support for application maintenance (SLA). Moreover, we decided to use the multisite function of the CMS platform to manage several portals in one place – using synergy and therefore reducing maintenance and development costs.

“Magnolia’s ease of customization and integration possibilities enabled us to extend Magnolia with new features like an external search engine and integrate it with the bank’s systems. In the future, it will be easy to integrate Alior Bank’s website with any system that they need.”

Marek Lesiak, President & CTO at Efigence

Impact & results

Higher sales and increased web traffic

  • 46% increase in the share of mobile traffic

  • 42% increase in online loan sales

  • 24% increase in new accounts

  • 188% increase in mortgage loans sales

  • 54% increase in organic search traffic

  • Increase of the time spent on the website to 5 min 30 sec

  • Decrease of the bounce rate from 30% to 10%

  • No decrease in Google search during the launch

  • Alior Bank’s products are in the top search results for terms such as “loan”, “account” and “online account”

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