Alior Kantor: Another implementation of the EFI4 Digital Banking Platform by Efigence in Poland and Romania

Alior Kantor: Another implementation of the EFI4 Digital Banking Platform by Efigence in Poland and Romania

We all know the EFI4 Digital Banking Platform presented nearly two years ago during the Finovate Europe 2017 in London. It is a combination of off-the-shelf technological solutions that have been developed by Efigence, packaged with a user interface and user experience uniquely designed for each bank or financial institution. This solution was implemented in the new version of Alior Kantor – the online banking currency exchange product of the Alior Bank, which serves over 350 thousand clients.

It was recently introduced to the Polish and Romanian markets.The platform’s key usability concepts are to improve customer interaction with the banking environment and to generate revenue for the bank in terms of customer acquisition, upselling and maintenance. Following these assumptions Efigence created the maximally intuitive global banking close to hand: a specially customized, innovative new version of Alior Kantor. A product which makes things easier for travelers, online buyers, migrant workers or money borrowers.

Its flagship features are:

  • Attractive exchange rates 24 hours a day 7 days a week wherever you are
  • A multi-currency card
  • Online registration in less than 5 minutes
  • 0 PLN for accounts in 23 currencies (Alior Kantor operates in 160 currencies)
  • Free transfers
  • Cash withdrawals

Efigence was responsible for the complete customized design and development of the platform to deliver a perfectly smooth experience for Alior Kantor’s customers.
We are more than happy that this product was implemented in two independent markets – Poland and Romania. It’s undoubtedly the right choice for modern and digital-based financial companies like Alior Bank. Thanks to this powerful digital banking platform the currency exchange has never been so smooth and easy. Moreover Alior Kantor, based on EFI4, is fully compliant with PSD2 and offers facilities for Third Party Providers – Marek Lesiak, President & CTO Efigence.

Efigence has created the perfect environment for:

– Improved and coherent User Experience ecosystem implementation including seamless journey from CMS Portal to transactional platform
– Convenient P2P currency settlements with friends and family
– Frictionless SEPA / SWIFT currency transfers, experienced as regular transfers
– Bank-proven security and stability for money management and transfers;
– Technology for currency exchange during weekends, when banks do not normally operate
– Exchange automation tools using real-time orders to leverage the best exchange rate
– Instant exchange of currencies on accounts
– Fully functional bank accounts and BFG guarantee

Alior Kantor also has an offer dedicated to small to medium enterprises.
Additionally the entire system’s design helps to coach a user and navigates him to implement smart actions recommended by the bank – which is also a perfect way to generate revenue and upselling for the bank.

Efigence and Alior Bank together leverage customer value converting the Fintech-like User Experience approach blending into bank-class foundations, accounts and trusted security. This unique mixture of innovation drives Alior Kantor into brand new banking services demanded on the very competitive Polish and Romanian markets.
The flexibility of EFI4 proved that the customized platform could win customers and accelerate digital banks with the exceptional customer experience and robust backend technology needed on a fast-moving and demanding market.

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