Efigence at MoneyConf in Madrid

Efigence at MoneyConf in Madrid

The MoneyConf conference in Madrid has just come to a close. We returned with our minds full of inspiration, with new ideas for innovation in digital banking and great interest in our EFI4 Digital Banking Platform.

For three days, 5-7 June, Madrid became the capital of technological disruption in finance. More than 100 speakers at fintech’s forefront, almost two thousand attendees from 69 countries, 70 startups presenting ideas for business and over 100 investors – all in one place, at the same time. That was MoneyConf 2017 in Madrid.

We came to MoneyConf to present our new product – the EFI4 Digital Banking Platform – and to show the fintech world how innovative and robust it is.

-Andrzej Szewczyk, Vice President & Managing Director of Efigence

“The elements that distinguish our platform from other solutions for banks are tailor made UX , microservice architecture, data-driven smart prediction and seamless journey. During the conference we had an opportunity to demo our product and discuss its features with bankers from around the world“ – adds Paweł Haltof, Innovation Director & Board Member of Efigence.

MoneyConf is one of Europe’s leading fintech events. That’s where each year the CEOs and founders of the world’s most exciting fintech startups, leading financial investors and major decision-makers from money’s biggest brands come together to explore what’s next for fintech, and make valuable connections while doing so.

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