Efigence partnered in new BGŻOptima portal launch

Efigence partnered in new BGŻOptima portal launch

BGŻOptima Bank – the only savings and investment Polish bank – launched a new portal: www.bgzoptima.pl. The Polish technology company Efigence partnered in this project, being responsible for the concept, User Experience and design.

Launching a new site is a part of the brand’s image refreshment. BGŻOptima Bank has been operating directly on the Internet since the very beginning. Therefore, the website is for them the main place of client interaction. The new service allows customers to easily get to know the bank’s offer and at the same time is a knowledge base for those looking for the best solution to multiply savings and generate profits.
The new website is distinguished by its transparent and modern look, and is embedded in a dark, premium colour layer associated with the premium segment.

When designing a new portal, we mainly took into account the unique profile of the bank and the characteristics of its users – demanding premium clients.

- Andrzej Szewczyk, Vice President and Managing Director, Efigence

That’s why the new site is designed with modern and unique look and feel, encouraging the user to interact with the website from the first glimpse.

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