FinTech in the banking environment

FinTech in the banking environment

“The emergence and development of innovative and flexible financial startups is causing a revolution in financial markets by proving that financial services can be built from the ground up, in response to real user needs. So much so that gaining customers’ trust, along with their investment, is now not the sole concern of banks, but also the aim of these versatile and highly-focused startups.
The prize is tantalizingly clear – customer confidence in both the institution and its products. But the route to this prize is radically different for banks and FinTechs. Whether the players in this game are opponents or partners is a matter still open to question. What is beyond question is that it is the customer who stands to gain.”
That is how the article “FinTech in the banking environment. Who goes there, friend or foe?” by Paweł Haltof, Innovation Director & Board Member in Efigence for Dataconomy begins.



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