Launching EFI4 Analytics at two Finovate events!

Launching EFI4 Analytics at two Finovate events!

We are proud to announce that this year we took part in two Finovate events! Efigence was selected to demo both at Finovate Middle East in Dubai on February 26th and at Finovate Europe in London on March 6th. We presented our latest innovation – the EFI4 Analytics tool.

On the Finovate stage we presented our latest innovation – the EFI4 Analytics tool, which is a part of the EFI4 Digital Banking Platform ecosystem, but can be easily integrated into every digital banking platform as well. It gathers extensive user data from across the whole platform, and converts it into real-time recommendations.

The Holy Grail of the banking business is to integrate data trails of customers interacting with banking sites and mobile applications, with external data sources. Our EFI4 Analytics tool is a world-beater in this area.

- Marek Lesiak, President & CTO of Efigence

It enables not only the collection and segmentation of data across multiple platforms and channels, but data storage and aggregation, the creation of effective microsegments in communication, customer journey optimization, real-time conclusions and recommendations as well.
The main features of EFI4 Analytics are real-time analysis, codeless event tracking and sales automation. Moreover, it runs within the infrastructure of the bank, ensuring that at every moment the bank remains the sole owner of the data.

EFI4 Analytics is also a great tool to increase sales. Using sales automation we can boost insights into live automation rules with just a few clicks.

- Andrzej Szewczyk, Vice President
& Managing Director of Efigence

It was the fourth time that we showcase our innovative ideas during Finovate – the most important conference on the fintech market. During last year’s event we presented our own product: the EFI4 Digital Banking Platform.

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