New Alior Bank portal launched

New Alior Bank portal launched

Alior Bank has provided customers with a new web portal at, making use of the very latest trends and technologies in web design. Through its innovative solutions, the service provides faster, easier and more intuitive access to information, as well as enabling personalised advertising and automation of real time communication.

Alior Bank’s website is visited by an average of 1.7 million users per month, with over 20% visiting the site for the first time.

To ensure maximum usability and functionality, the new portal makes use of some of the latest technological trends, such as omnichannel, flat design, HTML5, CSS, RWD and smart suggest.

-Marek Lesiak, President & CTO Efigence

On the new portal, the main navigation tool is a semantic search engine, similar to the most popular search engines. It enables intuitive access to the information you need, predicting and suggesting words and phrases, and guiding the user to the relevant search result. After clicking on the displayed prompt, the user goes directly to the appropriate pages, products, application documents or partially completed forms.
Mobile users of Google Chrome can also use the smartphone version of voice search, providing convenience when they are on the move.
Thanks to the convenient responsive web design (RWD) setup on the portal, users can use computers, smartphones and tablets, as the page automatically adapts to the screen size of the device.
The bank’s portfolio of services is presented through intuitive product pages. All necessary information about a selected product – a clear description of the most important benefits for the customer, as well as tips on how to use the product – can be found on one page.

The website facilitates personalized content displayed on the home page, automatically adjusted to the preferences of customers.
The new Alior Bank portal distinguishes itself through aesthetics, a simple and user-friendly appearance achieved by flat design.
Alior Bank strives to ensure the highest level of user data security. All information transmitted between the user’s browser and the web server is encrypted using HTTPS (
The new Alior Bank portal was designed and implemented in partnership with the technology company

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