The new eTrader Pekao investment platform for CDM Maklerski brokerage house clients by Efigence

The new eTrader Pekao investment platform for CDM Maklerski brokerage house clients by Efigence

CDM Pekao, one of the largest brokers on the home equities market in Poland and part of the Pekao Group, has launched eTrader Pekao, a new investment platform. It was prepared by the CDM Pekao team in cooperation with Efigence – a Polish company specializing in innovative technologies for the financial sector. Efigence was responsible for the UI/UX design, development and implementation. The platform is planned to be applied to other entities from the Bank Pekao Group.

All of the most important elements of the investment process were gathered in one place – from stock quotes and market information, through company analyses, to full transactionality. eTrader was created on the basis of many years of brokerage experience, combined with in-depth market analysis and analysis of customer needs taken into account at all stages of the platform’s preparation. It is dedicated to both experienced investors and people making their first steps on the stock market.

In order to provide customers with the greatest convenience of using the platform and the highest quality of services, the project was managed in line with the latest trends, focusing on real-time accessibility among others.

- Marek Lesiak, President & CTO of Efigence

“We designed both user experience and user interfaces and were responsible for the development and integration of client and server platforms. eTrader is integrated with CDM Pekao’s systems as well as with other stock exchange systems.” – adds Marek Lesiak.
The eTrader user can place, modify and cancel orders, and at any time check the status of their implementation – all easily and intuitively. What’s more, the impact of decisions can be seen on the portfolio of investments held at CDM Pekao (including investment fund units) on an ongoing basis. The portfolio is valued based on current rates.
The new platform has the form of a desktop application and has been adapted for Windows, MacOS and Linux operating systems. In addition, the user can access a wide range of settings personalization. eTrader allows you to work on several monitors, so increasing the convenience of use.

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