The video from our Efi4 Digital Banking Platform presentation is live now!

The video from our Efi4 Digital Banking Platform presentation is live now!

On the Finovate stage in London we presented our latest innovation – the Efi4 Digital Banking Platform. If your bank is striving to be innovative and successful, then watch the video from our presentation and find out more about Efigence’s new product.

We follow the latest fintech trends and keep our digital banking platform up to date. Efi4 is the answer for top digital banking trends, like e.g.: next generation PFM and intelligent predictive models, ready-to-use open API compliant with PSD2 (you can read more about it in article: TOP DIGITAL BANKING TRENDS 2017).
The Efi4 Digital Banking Platform’s key usability concepts are to improve customer interaction with the banking environment and to generate revenue for the bank in terms of customer acquisition, upselling and maintenance.
What distinguishes Efi4 is the combination of off-the-shelf technological solutions that have been developed by Efigence, packaged with a user interface and user experience uniquely designed for each individual bank or financial institution. The benefits of this approach are reliability, affordability and fast implementation of technology, plus a unique look and feel to each application.
Discover Efi4 Digital Banking Platform.

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