Best Web ANALYTIC SOLUTION FOR BANKS and other data-sensitive institutions. Robust and easy-to-use at the same time.


Designed for organizations

considering the privacy and security of data their top priority


Deployed 100% on premise

you keep all the data within your own infrastructure at all times


Equipped with user-friendly interface

feasible for both technical and non-tenchincal users

Analyze your secure site traffic

Our on-premise analytics gives you full control: no sensitive data ever leaves your premises. All the analysis happens in your own infrastructure, making the EFI4 Analytics perfectly safe for use in secure site.

Take advantage of data science

Determine when and how to display relevant messages to the user and maximize retention, increase conversion or acquire new users. Use our built-in rules and machine learning engine or add new sources of data via secure API.

Integrate with your CRM

Your analytics solution doesn’t have to rely on web traffic data only. EFI4 Analytics can integrate with data from external sources, including your CRM solution. You can even automatically import your own client segmentation.

Other features

Add new events
without coding

Take advantage of the ease of integration with legacy systems, functional extensibility and full scalability. We have based EFI4’s architecture on microservices so you’ll be future proof.

Collect data
from apps

You do analyze traffic on your public site, so why not do the same with your secured portal? EFI4 has you covered here with its EFI4 Analytics platform – fully secure, 100% on-premise web analytics solution. The data will never leave your own environment.

Easily build your
own reports

Take analytics in your own hands and easily add your own reports. You can build them on top of default ones or start from scratch via step-by-step wizard. Enable your business users to create multiple customized dashboards and share them with colleagues.

Track as many
events as you want

You can track your traffic live as it happens. Watch the unique users, site views, most popular pages and more. You can even drill down to a single user session.

Watch your
traffic live

Build knowledge of your customers, provide targeted financial advice and go beyond user expectations, all with the help of our automatized smart hooks.

Export raw data for advanced analysis

When you want to run advanced analysis in external platform like R, you can easily export raw data and upload them in a tool of your choice.

Be GDPR compliant

When your customer requests his right to erasure, you will be ready for it. Using a simple tool you can find a user and anonymize his data right away. Any link to his personal data will be removed and anonymous sessions data will still be available in aggregated reports.

Explore in
natural language

Take advantage of the global search engine and explore traffic analysis using natural language. You want to know how many uniques were there in May? Ask exactly that. Just enter “number of unique users in May” and you will get the answer right away.

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