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Engage your customers

Knowing that outstanding UX is a key differentiator in digital banking, we’ve prepared EFI4 in a way that enables easily introducing custom UI/UX aligned with your digital strategy and CI. Build the best in class digital experience for your customers on top of our proven technology.


Go to market in less than a year

You need results fast? We understand it perfectly. With EFI4 your new digital banking will be up and running in just 10-12 months, including custom made UX.


Be omnichannel right away

Implementing projects and meeting challenges on such a scale gives us the confidence to overcome any barrier and find the best solutions to accelerate your digital transformation process.


Rely on proven IT technology

You don’t need to worry about technology. EFI4 uses modern and proven technology stack handpicked by us to specifically fit bank’s requirements for stability and security.

A ready-to-go omnichannel solution for your digital banking

Go live within 12 months and boost your digital transformation, covering all key areas of your digital presence incl. Digital Banking, Mobile Apps and Public Portal.

Other features

Extend your platform easily

Take advantage of the ease of integration with legacy systems, functional extensibility and full scalability. We have based EFI4’s architecture on microservices so you’ll be future proof.

Analyze your secured traffic

You do analyze traffic on your public site, so why not do the same with your secured portal? EFI4 has you covered here with its EFI4 Analytics platform – fully secure, 100% on-premise web analytics solution. The data will never leave your own environment.

Get ready for PSD2

Aggregate data from various sources and serve it adapted to your customer’s particular needs. More convenience for the client and more effective, personalized upselling for you.

Manage all channels at once

EFI4 provides you with a single CMS tool to manage all the channels – RWD digital banking, mobile apps and public portal. All of them personalized with common rules and sharing all the digital assets.

Know your customers

Build knowledge of your customers, provide targeted financial advice and go beyond user expectations, all with the help of our automatized smart hooks.

Our solutions

Retail banking

EFI4 powers your transformation into omnichannel banking with delightful digital experience for your customers. Provide them with seamless journey between various touchpoints while keeping full control over your platform via our modern web management system.

SMEs Banking

Provide your SME clients with a powerful transactional system dedicated to their needs. Easy cashflow analysis, access rights for employees, integration with bookkeeping apps, invoicing and many more – all seamlessly incorporated into your digital ecosystem.

Launch in months

We have prepared EFI4 from the ground up to have the shortest Time-To-Market possible.

Even with a fully custom, made especially for you, UI design, your digital banking will go live within months. Our reliable deployment process is market proven and the implementation is always overseen directly by us – no need to look for 3rd party partners.

Want to know estimate time to market for your organization?

We understand time is crucial for you.

With EFI4, you will go live within few months, including a custom made UI!

Extend your platform easily

EFI4 is built using microservices architecture, what makes it easily extendable. You can start with the most crucial features and scale up as your product offering, business needs or simply internal capacity expand. The platform evolves along your needs and process changes in your organization. You can rely on our development team or use your own internal rescources – our technology stack utilizes renown, supported frameworks, making the introduction of new developers fast and easy.

Stay on top of market trends

EFI4 is constantly developed and perfected to fit with the current trends and introduce new functionality. We release new functional updates every 6-9 months and keep them free of license charges for all our existing clients on the maintenance program. We are also open to modify our roadmap to fit your specific needs – get in touch to get to know more.

Flexible Architecture

Since the first line of code, EFI4 has been built with the objective of easy implementation within various setups of different banks. We base on microservices architecture and the layers for presentation, application logic and data are obviously separated.

Outstanding technology is the heart of EFI4.

We use proven technology stack and a flexible system architecture to provide the most secure and efficient solutions.





Fast and secure integration

Our modular architecture makes the platform very easily extensible. Whenever a custom module is needed, it can be prepared, deployed and maintained fully independently, and yet it will be automatically integrated with other services. That means you can add new modules after go-live with zero downtime.


We use various mechanisms and methods for ensuring the highest safety in terms of client-side applications, the microservices and the communication between them. All data is encrypted using safe protocols and we are compliant with PSD2 requirements, including SCA.

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*EFI4 is thoroughly documented and maintained according to the best market practices.

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