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Angular is a framework for the TypeScript programming language. It was developed by Google in 2016 and is now one of the three most commonly used frontend frameworks.

Angular and single page web applications

Angular is used to build single page web applications. Such applications load the entire content of the site into one page. This allows the user to interact with the page without having to wait for it to load after every data input. Thanks to this solution, web pages run smoothly, saving the precious time of the end user.

Enterprise-scale Applications

Angular was designed specifically to help developers build and maintain large and complex applications. Thanks to this architecture and to its support of the more advanced TypeScript language, Angular is considered the best solution for large, enterprise-grade web applications. Angular application is the right choice if you are planning on operating a significant enterprise. Efigence is the Angular development services company you need.

Backed by Google

Angular was developed and is being constantly updated by the web giant Google. It follows Google’s AngularJS framework, which is design to operate on the JavaScript language. The constant support from the internet’s biggest company ensures that Angular is maintained and any bugs or backdoors are quickly closed. In addition, the great popularity of Angular, and it’s large user base provides developers with a sizeable library of ready-made solutions to common problems.


Typescript is, in essence, an advanced version of JavaScript, the programming language used in most web development frameworks. TypeScript simplifies the work of a developer by essentially performing by default a lot of tasks a developer would have to manually code otherwise. Additionally, its design greatly reduces the number of bugs. This makes the product run reliably and eliminates time and stress a developer would spend bug hunting.

Performance of Angular

Apps should work swiftly, allowing for smooth operation and minimizing wait times. Angular ensures that your web applications remain speedy even as they are developed and scaled up. Angular works well even with complex functions and large datasets. Angular web development is the solution if you’re looking to create a website to handle large amounts of your business activity.

Angular and modularity

The modular structure of Angular enables multiple programmers to work on an application at once, speeding up the development process greatly. This contributes to the rapid implementation of set goals in all types of applications, from small to exceptionally large. Our well-coordinated team, lead by ambitious and professional managers, is able to conduct web development using Angular in a manner that afford both speed and attention to detail.

Angular: Components

One of the main principles of systems written using the Angular framework are components. These are specialized ready to use blocks, responsible for specific system functions, which can be used in many places of the application. Adding new modules consisting of frequently repeating elements such as text boxes or buttons is quick and easy thanks to this method. The component approach also allows for easy and rapid modification of the appearance of the app. Providing our clients with Angular development service is made much easier thanks to this component-based architecture of the framework.

Popularity of Angular framework

Angular is, along with React and Vue.js, one of the three most popular frontend development frameworks. Its popularity helps in the Angular app development process, as programmers using Angular share their experience and with the community, making the process easier for others.

Find out if Angular is the solution for your needs

Contact Efigence now to find out if Angular development is the right solution for your web application. We will connect you with an Angular developer who can assess if your application should be built with Angular. Years of experience in web application development, including in Angular framework and in similar AngularJS framework, have given our programmers the expertise they need in order to select the best framework for you. If you or our specialist concludes that Angular is not for you, Efigence offers services using React and Vue, Angular’s most popular alternatives.

Choose Efigence

With 25 years of experience operating in a competitive and rapidly evolving sector, Efigence is the perfect choice for outsourcing Angular development. Our company has proven its capabilities and commitment to quality by designing products for major polish banks, media outlets and countless other companies. You can trust us with your product. Outsource Angular development to us.

Our developers

At Efigence, we employ professionals who continuously work on perfecting their skills. The high standards and the qualifications they accumulated make them capable of working on Angular development with typescript. You can trust our proven track record. The solid position among web development companies in Poland that Efigence holds speaks for itself. Our excellent employees make us into the proud Angular development company we are.

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