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AngularJS – JavaScript based framework for Frontend solutions

AngularJS was developed by the web giant Google in 2010. Since then, it has gathered huge community support and firmly established its position on the market. It was one of the first frameworks to introduce single page application approach into web application development.

Single page web application

AngularJS is used to build single page web applications. This kind of application loads the entire content of the site into one page. This allows the user to avoid load times, allowing the application to run smoothly saving their precious time.

Backed by a giant

Since AngularJS was developed by Google, the company update it many times, lending the expertise of its world-class programmers to this open-source framework. Thanks to this backing, AngularJS web application solutions are widely used around the world by a multitude of companies.


AngularJS allows processing the data within the app, without the need to reload the page with every input. The digest loop mechanism allows the app to refresh parts of the page on a continuous basis. This allows for the smooth operation of the application, saving your clients time and ensuring that using the web application developed by us is pleasant and relaxing. AngularJS development services implement the reactivity principle to provide our client’s clients with a smooth and pleasant experience.


AngularJS is a framework focused on building easy-to-test applications. To achieve this, the developers used a tool called Karma, which allows the programmer to run tests and easily integrate changes with the rest of the developed system. Angular has a built-in tool allowing the developer to write tests quickly and easily. All these solutions contribute to a smooth, bug-less design. Our Angular JS development company uses this feature to ensure that our customers receive a well operating product.


AngularJS has a modular structure enabling work on applications to be conducted by multiple programmers at once, speeding up the development process greatly. This contributes to the rapid implementation of set goals in all types of applications, from small to exceptionally large. Being the highly experienced AngularJS development company that we are, we can implement modules with great speed, producing a functioning application in a short time.


AngularJS assumes that applications created using it will be based on the Model-View-Controller pattern, which divides the display from the internal working of the application. Apps build in this architecture are scalable and easy to maintain. Conducting AngularJS application development along the MVC design pattern results in a well-functioning website.

Asynchronous design

Single Page Applications communicate with the server using asynchronous requests. This means that instead of reloading from time to time, the application updates its contents part-by-part, allowing smooth operation of the site. This also avoids stopping the application in the event of increase use of the server. You can trust Efigence, one of the leading Angular JS development companies in Poland, to implement this design perfectly.

Angular JS is component-based framework

One of the main principles of systems written using the AngularJS framework are components. These are specialized ready to use blocks, responsible for specific system functions, which can be used in many places of the application. Adding new modules consisting of frequently repeating elements such as text boxes or buttons is quick and easy thanks to this method. The component approach also allows for easy and rapid modification of the appearance of the app. Providing our clients with Angular JS development service is made much easier thanks to this component-based architecture of the framework.

Easy to learn

To create applications using AngularJS, all the developer needs to learn is the JavaScript programming language, one of the most frequently used programming languages. This means that there is no shortage of specialists ready to work using the AngularJS framework. Skilled and experience programmers, working for our AngularJS web development company prefer coding using AngularJS to other methods.

Are you looking for Angular JS development outsourcing? Choose Efigence

With 25 years of experience operating in rapidly evolving and competitive sector, Efigence is the perfect choice for outsourcing Angular JS development. Efigence has proven its qualities by designing products for major polish banks, media outlets and countless other companies. You can trust us with AngularJS development services.

Our specialists

Here at Efigence, we employ professionals who continuously perfect their skills, to ensure the capability of delivering you the best AngularJS web application development services you can find on the market. Our excellent employees make us into the proud Angular JS development agency we are.

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