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Unlike other programming languages, PHP was created specifically for web development. Since the creation of its first iteration in 1995, PHP has been used to create millions of websites. Today it is the most popular language used for server development.

Low development cost

PHP is distributed under an open source license. This means our company does not have to pay for using it. Additionally, there is a large community of programmers who work with PHP and share their experience, providing support to developers. Instructions, manuals as well as templates, scripts and programs written in PHP are available on the public domain. All this lessens the workload on our developers, allowing us to spend less work hours developing the product you need.

PHP software has a short development time

Applying PHP to web application frameworks allows to accomplish the development process quickly and wrap up testing in no time. PHP frameworks we use here at Efigence in order to streamline the process include Laravel, Codeigniter, CakePHP, Symphony, Zend Framework 2, and Yii. Such wide array of tools allows us to offer you the PHP website development services in ways that are quick and affordable.

Flexibility and versatility

A significant advantage of PHP is flexibility. It is compatible with all major operating systems (Windows, Linux, Solaris, MacOS), supports all leading server operating software (nginx, Apache, IIS, iPlanet, etc.) and more than 20 database managing systems (including MySQL, MongoDB and PostgreSQL). Operating with so many systems allows a company to maximize the use of existing infrastructure without worrying about compatibility. Here at Efigence we will be happy to take over maintenance over your server infrastructure, offering you a chance at PHP outsourcing.

Continuing development

PHP was first developed in 1995. Since then it has been continuously updated and perfected by Zend Technologies. The latest, 8th version was released in November 2020, adding scores of new features. Our developers have amassed lots of experience in creating PHP development software. Introducing all the new features of the latest PHP version will allow our PHP website development company to offer an even wider array of PHP application development services.

PHP for your Content Management System

Many major Content Management Systems run on PHP, including Wordpress, which is used by over one third of all websites. PHP’s main competitors, such as Joomla and Drupal also use PHP. Here at Efigence we can develop a custom Content Management System for your business’s needs, using PHP.

PHP and MySQL web development go hand in hand

The PHP language and MySQL database management system are often joined in order to operate servers. Apache web server software is often operated jointly with the two. Such combination is known as LAMP on Linus, WAMP on Windows and MAMP on macOS. Contact our PHP software development company to find out if PHP desktop application is what your company needs.

Custom PHP web development for your needs

If you’re operating a database with significant server infrastructure attached, or are planning on launching one, PHP development might be what you need. Our web developers specializing in PHP with evaluate your needs and your resources to decide what your company needs most and what will be the best for it. Our team of highly skill web developers with years of amassed experience will walk you through the development process, explaining every step and applying any changes you might decide to demand.

Develop your PHP web application with us

Are you looking to outsource PHP development? Are you in need of custom PHP development services? Perhaps you already run a website and are looking to expand and revitalize it? Efigence can take over the maintenance work on your servers. We can also modify your application, allowing you to offshore php development. Contact Efigence now to find out what our PHP development team can do for you and your company.

Why Efigence?

Our company has 25 years of experience operating in rapidly evolving and competitive sector, Efigence should be your choice for custom PHP development. Our proven track record, including creating applications for major polish banks and media outlets, allows you to rest assured that your company will receive the product it needs. Our strong position on the polish IT market is the best proof of the quality of our products and the dedication of our staff. Choose to have your PHP development done in Poland.

Our PHP company

At Efigence, we employ professionals. Highly skilled PHP developers with years of experience in PHP web application development. Our programmers continuously perfect their skills, to ensure they have the capability of delivering you the best PHP application development services. If you choose our PHP website development company you will be able to rest assured that your needs will be met with upmost professionalism and dedication.

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