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What is React native?

React Native mobile app development framework allowing for the design of an app and the implementation of it on two most important mobile phone operating systems at once.

Why do we use React Native at Efigence?

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Fast in implementation

The development model is based on reusable component creation, accelerating product launch.

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One application for two operating systems

Developers work on one application which at the end will be used on two separate operating systems

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Quick development time allows us to offer you a more affordable price

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Easy to learn

Given that React Native operates using JavaScript, which is widely use, many web developers can quickly familiarize themselves with it

Developed by a tech giant

React Native was developed in 2015 by the Facebook. Since then, it has attracted a sizeable community of web developers who contribute to its development and share their experience with each other. Facebook is capable of dedicating huge amounts of resources to maintaining and developing React Native. Our skilled specialists are keeping tabs on these updates, ready to implement solutions developed by the developers from all around the world.

Trusted by the big leagues

Many of leading tech companies use React Native web applications for their operations. These include, among others, Shopify, Tesla, Discord and Pinterest. If such important companies decided that React Native is a solution fit for their needs, your company can trust it as well. And if you choose not to, Efigence offers more solutions beyond React Native.

One project, two systems

Applications developed using React Native can be implemented on both Android and iOS operating systems. This allows for a much shorter development process than if a different React Native Android and React Native iOS apps had to be developed. Apps developed using React Native run smoothly and swiftly on both operating systems. With your customers spending so much time on their smartphones, restricting your applications to a PC browser is a major mistake and a huge missed opportunity.

Community support

React Native is popular among web application developers and has attracted a sizable community of user. Programmers who use React Native communicate their problems with each other and exchange solutions. React Native performance is continuously improved upon by the work of scores of web developers around the world. Thanks to community-provided bugfixes and improvements, React Native mobile apps will serve your customers swiftly and efficiently.


React Native is design around a core of components. These are ready to use building blocks provided by the code developers and expanded upon by the wider programming community. The components allow developers to apply ready made solutions to the most common problem. This greatly speeds up the development work. Additionally, as the components are well tested, this architecture results in fewer bugs and more streamlined operation.

Easy to learn

Thanks to its use of JavaScript, React Native is easy to learn for a large number of web developers. That is because JavaScript is widely used in frontend web development and anyone with experience in that field knows is familiar with it to some extent. Fortunately for you, the skilled specialists we employ at Efigence are familiar with both JavaScript and React Native.

Find out if React Native is suitable for your needs

Contact our company to find out if React Native development is the right solution for your mobile app. We will connect you with a React Native developer who can assess if your application should be built with React Native. If you or our specialist conclude that React Native is not for you, Efigence offers services using NativeScript, another mobile app development tool. Whatever framework you might end up choosing, we will work diligently to ensure that you are satisfied with the end product.

Efigence is the perfect choice for your needs

With 25 years of experience operating in competitive an rapidly evolving sector, Efigence is the perfect choice for outsourcing React Native development for iOS and Android. Our company has proven its capabilities and commitment to quality by designing products for major polish banks, media outlets and countless other companies. You can trust us with React Native development, we will provide you with a product that will fulfill your customers needs at an affordable price. Outsource your React Native mobile app development to Efigence today.

Our specialists

At Efigence, we employ professionals who continuously work on perfecting their skills, in order to ensure that they have the ability of delivering you the best React Native development services you can find in Poland. You can trust our proven track record and our solid position among React Native app development companies. Our excellent employees make us into the proud React Native development company we are.

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