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Open-source framework for your needs

React was created in 2013 by Facebook and has been updated and maintained by it ever since. Frameworks such as React, PHP are sometimes used together, to combine React frontend with PHP backend.

What is React technology?

React is a programming framework based on the JavaScript programming language. It is used as a frontend development tool in web-based applications. A professional tool in use all around the world, with every year it is gaining more and more respect, both with the web developers and clients.

Single page web application

React is used to build single page web applications. This kind of application loads the entire content of the site into one page. This allows for the smooth operation of the application, saving your clients time and ensuring that using the web application developed by us is pleasant and relaxing.

Used by the giants

Some of the biggest and most important websites in the world operate on React. This includes Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Airbnb and Salesforce. Thanks to Efigence, now you can use the same tool as the leading tech giants. Such great popularity of the React framework, combined with its open-source architecture, means that a lot of components used in React JS services are easily and readily available to web developer.


Web applications written using React are build of components. These are small pieces of User Interface. They are separated from one another, which makes creating the application in a team easier, as work can be easily divided between developers. This architecture also greatly simplifies updating the application. Thanks to this, React development is very popular with web developers around the world. This includes our web developers who have amassed a great deal of experience over the years of using React in a multitude of different web applications.

A pleasure to work with

The building-blocks-like architecture of React shifts the mindset of a programmer from gruesome coding and bug hunting, to pleasant and relaxing designing. React development is well liked by our developers who value it’s well tested architecture and the ability to quickly and easily redesign and replace parts of the application, without having to affect and test the entire project.

Popularity growing with every year

React has surpassed Angular as world’s most popular front end development tool back in 2016 and has been growing in popularity in the recent year. In web development, React is widely used because it is well tested and proven to be multifunctional. Save some unexpected breakthrough, React front end development is here to stay for the years to come. You can sleep soundly knowing that choosing React as you company’s web development framework will ensure an easy access to programming services for the years to come.

JavaScript on Steroids

React uses TypeScript, an enhanced, open-source version of JavaScript, developed and maintained by Microsoft. It is a great tool which is much beloved by our programmers. Use of JavaScript in React framework makes it highly accessible to web developers, as a large share of programmers are experience in this programming language. Here at our React JS development company we love using the most adequate tools avaible, so we embrace the use of TypeScript with open arms.

What is React web development

ReactJS development consists of creating a web application from scratch, using the React programming framework in order to achieve a well-functioning product. Here at Efigence, our teams of web developers are well-used to using React to create excellent applications for our clients. We sometimes use React with PHP backend. Our experienced programmers are well-used to working in React, thanks to years of hard work and scores of projects completed.

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Do you want to outsource React developers? Thinking about creating your own website? Perhaps you already own a website, but it needs a revitalization? Contact Efigence now to look into the wide array of web development solutions available to you. If you decide that React is not for you, we also offer services using its biggest competitor, AngularJS.

Choose Efigence

With 25 years of experience operating in rapidly evolving and competitive sector, we are the perfect choice for outsourcing React web development. Efigence has proven its qualities by designing products for major polish banks, media outlets and countless other companies. You can trust us with React software development services. Our strong position on the market is the best proof of the quality of our products and the dedication of our staff.

Our specialists

Here at Efigence, we employ professionals, highly skilled ReactJS developers, who continuously perfect their skills, to ensure the capability of delivering you the best React app development services you can find on the market. Our excellent employees make us into the one of the leading React development company in Poland.

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