Efigence's latest research: insights into mobile app usage by the Silvers

The research sheds light on the Silver generation's use of e-commerce and mobile banking apps, offering key insights for understanding the digital engagement of the 50+ age group.

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    Silvers are individuals actively using mobile devices, with nearly 70% of them using their device for more than an hour every day! 69% use banking apps daily, while an impressive 82% make purchases through
their mobile devices.


    Over 80% of Silvers make purchases using mobile devices, most often several times a month. 10% make purchases only on a computer, and the rest rely solely on physical stores.


    The Allegro service is the shopping choice for over 70% of Silvers!

    70% of Silvers do their banking through a mobile app! They generally rate these mobile apps positively, highlighting their intuitiveness and appropriate features, which contributes to their willingness to handle most banking matters through them.


    The dominant form of payment for online shopping among people aged 50+ is BLIK.

    Explore the World of Mobile Banking and E-commerce Through the Eyes of the Silver Generation

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    Mobile apps indispensable throughout the day.


    Key features include larger fonts, enhanced screen brightness.


    Silver generation prefers BLIK for payments.


    Internet articles a prime information source.


    Silvers embrace mobile shopping enthusiastically.

    Facing an aging society, especially in Poland, we must start adapting technologies to changing demographic conditions. Thus, solutions that meet the needs of the Silver generation become crucial. Innovations in mobile apps, online services, and other consumer technologies must follow principles of ease of use, adaptation to sensory limitations, and functionality. Enterprises that effectively implement these have the opportunity to lead a new, expanding market segment.

    - Marek Lesiak, CEO & Chief Technology Officer at Efigence

    “Interestingly, the Silver generation faces similar e-commerce hurdles as others when finalizing their mobile transactions. This group favors quick and secure payment methods such as BLIK (although its popularity wanes with age), proving the need for the industry to offer convenient, secure, and fast payment methods to accommodate not only the youngest but also Silver consumers, who value simple and modern solutions.”

    - Wojciech Bogdan, Chief Marketing & Financial Services Officer at Allegro

    Is age still a factor in our ability to navigate digital products? For sure age can introduce certain unavoidable challenges, particularly health-related ones. While there’s a lot of discussion around inclusivity, there seems to be a tendency to prioritize the demands of the youngest. Who exactly are the Silvers, and is there a necessity to approach them differently? That’s what this report is about.

    - Paweł Dunia, UX Director at Efigence



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