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Discover the prowess of Efigence's DXP, engineered to unravel the intricacies of multi-brand, multi-touchpoint digital encounters. Our groundbreaking platform empowers you to offer consistent and outstanding customer experiences across all channels while optimizing efficiency and security.

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    Core Benefits of Efigence’s DXP

    Efigence’s DXP enables you to:

    Fashion unified customer experiences across all channels and touchpoints
    Utilize reusable components for effective content creation and management
    Employ headless content delivery for secure and scalable applications
    Key Attributes of Efigence's DXP

    Our DXP presents a collection of potent features to enhance your digital presence:

    Reusable Components: Pre-built "LEGO" blocks for swift and effortless content creation, with centralized management across all touchpoints
    Smart Personalization: Offer customized, one-to-one communications using customer data, and double your conversion rate with bespoke deals
    Global Search: Supply live recommendations to increase sales and enrich customer experience
    Plug & Play Analytics: Integrate web analytics tools seamlessly for comprehensive user behavior insights
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    Efigence - Your Top-Tier Partner for Digital Triumph

    Select Efigence as your reliable ally for end-to-end DXP deployment:

    Frictionless online sales with drag & drop forms
    Quick establishment of landing pages and product pages using composable architecture
    Thousands of victorious deployments globally

    Market Credibility - Magnolia CMS

    Efigence's DXP is founded on Magnolia CMS, a leading content management system:

    Acclaimed by Forrester and Gartner
    Concentrated on the European market, GDPR compliance, and multilingual support
    Constantly updated to provide the newest market solutions
    Efigence - A Pioneer in Gartner's DXP Magic Quadrant

    A Visionary platform in Gartner's DXP Magic Quadrant

    DXP has been recognized as a visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms, showcasing commitment to innovation and excellence:

    Featured in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms
    Recognized as a visionary in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms

    Examine how Efigence's DXP revolutionized Alior Bank's digital experience, propelling online sales expansion through targeted content delivery and a Magnolia-based portal.

    Challenge: Enhance online sales and customer engagement with customized content
    Solution: Efigence's Digital Experience Platform, built on Magnolia CMS
    • Alior Bank's case study highlights

    • Tailored Content Delivery: Utilizing Magnolia CMS, Efigence's DXP allowed Alior Bank to offer highly targeted content to its customers, leading to increased customer engagement and growth in online sales

    • Efficient Content Creation Process: With custom CMS development and centralized content management, Alior Bank's team could swiftly and effectively create, modify, and publish content across various touchpoints

    • Improved User Experience: Efigence's enterprise CMS aided Alior Bank in providing a seamless, responsive, and aesthetically pleasing experience to its customers, boosting overall satisfaction.

    • Adaptability and Scalability: Constructed on Magnolia CMS, the platform enabled Alior Bank to adjust and expand its digital presence to accommodate evolving customer demands and market trends.


    Alior Bank's adoption of Efigence's DXP resulted in notable enhancements in customer Alior Bank's adoption of Efigence's business CMS led to notable enhancements in customer engagement, online sales, and overall user experience. The platform's personalization features and proficient content management capabilities allowed Alior Bank to deliver an unparalleled digital experience to its customers.

    Uncover the specifics of Alior Bank's successful implementation of Efigence's Digital Experience Platform, built on Magnolia CMS, and discover how your business can reap the benefits of our inventive solutions.  
    Alior Bank

    How we improved Alior Bank’s online sales by delivering perfect content targeting through a Magnolia-based portal

    We created an easy-to-use and effectively-structured content platform for Alior Bank – having a notable impact on our client’s digital sales. We improved users’ interaction with the banking environment and generated an increase in mobile traffic, new accounts acquisition, time spent on the website, and even organic search traffic.
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    Project duration: 10 months UX Strategy UX/UI Design Frontend Design System

    Magnolia CMS - A Comprehensive Overview

    Magnolia CMS is a potent, adaptable, and user-friendly best enterprise CMS designed to assist businesses in creating and managing digital experiences across multiple channels and touchpoints. It boasts a wide array of features and capabilities that cater to the requirements of diverse industries.
    Essential factors of Magnolia CMS:

    Adaptability and Scalability: Magnolia CMS offers a sturdy and flexible foundation for CMS website development that grows with your business.
    User-Friendly Experience: The CMS features a straightforward and intuitive interface, simplifying CMS development services for content managers and publishers.
    Headless & Hybrid Functionality: Magnolia CMS supports headless and hybrid content delivery, granting flexibility to choose the optimal approach for your specific scenario.
    Customization & Targeting: With built-in personalization features, Magnolia CMS empowers businesses to deliver bespoke user experiences, fueling engagement and conversions.
    Expandability & Integrations: Magnolia CMS provides numerous out-of-the-box integrations and extensions, enabling seamless connections to other systems and tools within your digital ecosystem.
    Enterprise-Grade & Secure: Developed with enterprise necessities in mind, Magnolia CMS upholds robust security measures and complies with GDPR and other industry standards.
    Magnolia CMS is the foundation of Efigence's Digital Experience Platform, offering a powerful and flexible base for creating and managing extraordinary digital experiences.

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