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Any application that collects and displays data must have an engine to drive it. This hidden drive, powering the sea of websites and apps we call the Internet, is known as backend. Choosing the right backend technology is absolutely key to the success of your project, it’s swift development and correct operation. Fortunately here at Efigence, we employ many a backend developer, skilled specialists who will help you make the right choice.

Which backend technologies do we use?

Different programming frameworks are better suited to different projects. When choosing which framework to apply, our backend programming specialists evaluate factors such as the size of the system being developed, complexity of its internal architecture and development time. Ensuring our clients receive the best product possible, created with the best suited tools is our utmost priority.

Our largest and most complex backend design projects are usually created using the Java programming language. The language is a well-established technology, having been used by scores of backend software developers worldwide for decades. It is being constantly updated and bettered by a large community of programmers, who make it more efficient and constantly expand a library of ready-made programming solution. Additional advantage of Java is it high security, ensured by watchful developers seeking out and closing any backdoors that could be used by hackers. A huge library of Java ready-made solutions greatly accelerates the development process.

However, Java is not the only technology utilized here at Efigence. Our programmers are familiar with other frameworks, better suited for different backend services. For smaller projects, simple applications and custom content management systems, different backend technologies are better suited. Hiring developers specialized in different frameworks allows us to ensure that your website or application is developed with the best suited methods.

Ruby on Rails is one such software. Based on the Ruby programming language, Ruby on Rails is a framework best suited for small custom projects. Our backend web design specialists are well accustomed to using Ruby on Rails, which is used extensively in the company’s systems itself.
An advantage of Ruby is the large number of preexisting extensions and ready modules, which help create a backend for website our clients need. For a backend dev working with Ruby is a real pleasure. It is intuitive and helps achieve the intended effect in the simplest way. If your company requires a custom content management system, Ruby on Rails is the solution you are looking for.

Another programming language our backend developers use is known as PHP. At Efigence, we use it mainly for maintaining and expanding applications which we took over maintenance for. It can also be used to develop custom CMS designs. The language excellent code performance means a PHP backend developer can create a website in short time, reducing the manhours required for a project and therefore its cost.

The newest solution for web app backend our developers work with is Node.js. It allows the direct implementation of JavaScript applications on the server. Its efficient and simple design allows for quick operation.

Efigence: Backend development company

Efigence, being an experienced backend development company, also offers maintenance services for applications and programs developed by other companies. Ensuring your applications and websites function correctly, without bugs and with sufficient swiftness is key to client retention. Updating your website, both to give it a new look and to implement the newest solutions, should be performed every few years. Efigence is the best solution for such a facelift, offering programming excellence backed by two decades of experience and dozens of successful projects.

To begin the backend development process for your website or application, contact us and our backend developers will look at the project requirements, select the best suited framework and answer any questions you might have. They will work diligently on the project, strife to create backend for website as quickly as possible, keeping you informed every step of the way and applying any changes you require. Finally, after the project is completed, Efigence offers continuing support, betterment and maintenance for your website or application.

Here is why you should choose Efigence for your backend development.

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Using multiple frameworks allows us to best match the technology to your requirements

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Over 20 years of experience in application development allows us to provide services of the utmost quality

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We have a team of several dozen developers with various types of specializations and experience gained while working with clients from around the world

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We are ready to provide you with continued support for backend services following the project’s completion

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