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A UX research agency based in Warsaw

Efigence is a UX agency from Poland, but we deliver our products & services to companies from all over the world. We are an agency with more than 25 years of experience. Over time, our company has scooped close to 100 awards in the most important, competitive and challenging marketing industry competitions. According to the ’Top 100 User Experience (UX) agencies in Poland’ report by The Manifest from October 2020 & Clutch reviews we are among 20 the best UX firms in Poland. With our team of over 30 UX & UI specialists in websites & mobile applications, we deliver not only UX research and design, but also UX research strategy. Everything that we are doing in our product design process is evaluated with users during usability testing.

What is the aim of User Experience Research & why you need it

We strongly believe that ‘If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person’s point of view and see things from that person’s angle as well as from your own’ as Henry Ford is said to have remarked.

Our goal, as a UX testing agency, is to deliver great customer experience of a digital product through understanding of users’ needs, insight and feedback. UX research increases our confidence by reducing risk, and it is the easiest way to eliminate all incorrect assumptions and make a better product that will meet users’ expectations. That’s why every UX Research Team member in Efigence must have unique combination of skills and experience from fields like psychology, sociology and UX/UI design (User Research, UX design, UI design, interactive prototyping) and data analysis.

Thanks to differentiated types of research we can confirm certain hypotheses which can be crucial when making design decisions. We identify problems, eliminate errors, minimize risk and maximize profits because we base our decisions on data, not on intuition.

UX research at Efigence

Together with UX Design, we offer UX research strategy, as well as UX research for websites & UX research for mobile apps at the stage of analysis and design, and then optimization. From pre-design interviews to post-design usability testing, research helps us to refine the final experience. We provide a full service, or you can order a single study from our offer. If you don’t know what to choose, don’t worry. We will help you to adjust the offer to suit your needs. For a full picture, we recommend a combination of quantitative research results and qualitative data.

We conduct differentiated qualitative and quantitative researches:

Qualitative research answers the questions "how?" and "why?" and identifies usability issues. We offer variety of methods such as UI testing, in-depth interviews, projection techniques and card sorting – the choice depends on the specifics and objectives of the study.

Quantitative research answers the questions "how much?" or "how often?", and is usually carried out on larger samples (more than 100 people). Tests are performed remotely, without the participation of a moderator. In this way, we learn the opinions and frequency of certain behaviors

The types of UX research we run and what they are for

  • Customer needs identified from a user perspective – in order to understand user needs for a newly designed product, collecting insights about the system and interactions with the system, creating a database of information about user paths and product motivations, and compiling a list of possible competitors and inspirations.
  • UX research tests – in order to check how users understand the existing product (app/website/prototype) and what they think about it, and to identify areas that need improvement.
  • Workshops – in order to define the existing product (if there is one) and identify what a new product should be like. Defining the key dimensions around which we want to design a new product.
  • Inspiration analysis from a market-based perspective (Benchmarking) – in order to collect interesting design solutions (applications, pages, interface elements) that can be inspiring for the product we are designing. Expanding the perspective, but also providing an indication of solutions that already work well in the market.
  • UX Audits – in order to define problem areas or the most common system features so as to optimize the existing product. Analyzing paths that users follow.
  • Voice of customer analysis – in order to understand experiences and needs of website users, based on current user traffic.

What this research is all about

UX Research Tests & Customer needs finding

These are usually moderated interviews with five respondents per day, usually 60 minutes each, based on an accepted scenario, conducted by a UX research specialist combining the competences of a psychologist and a designer. There is also a possibility to run quality tests on a larger group without the participation of a moderator. The conclusions are not subject to statistical analysis.

We research website and application design, as well as clickable prototypes. In order to quickly verify ideas and concepts, moderated research can be run on prototypes or even a piece of paper.

UX tests usually concern the functionality and appearance of the product – not only the website or application. They can also check users’ habits in a specific area. During these moderated UX tests we question the people who will use the end-product in order to learn about their needs and experiences or observe how they interact with the interface. Remember: even research conducted with eight participants will significantly improve the designed product.

We conduct interviews, both online and at our research laboratory with a one-way mirror. We provide the possibility of real-time translation and video streaming to observers (our clients) without any geographical limitations.

UX Studio

When designing the new product, we suggest running the agile research UX Studio. UX Studio is a framework within which remote interviews with respondents are repeated cyclically, twice a month. Each round of tests provides observations and conclusions on the next elements and different parts of the project, helping to develop the product on an ongoing basis.

Workshops and focus groups

Our workshops are usually conducted online via a dedicated tool (eg. Miro), based on a developed scenario. It is preceded by an online questionnaire that collects requirements for the currently optimized product, i.e. dream user, business goals, inspiration, competition, and a key user path for sales.

Inspiration analysis – a market-based perspective (Benchmarking)

A presentation with examples of pages or applications, focusing on different dimensions and challenges. All consistent with the purpose of redesigning the system, including navigation, home page and conversion.

UX Audits (including customer journey analysis)

An expert UX audit of a desktop or mobile website, conducted from the user's point of view. Methods: cognitive walkthrough and Nielsen heuristic analysis – based on the paths set discovered during analytics. It helps to define problematic areas that require improvement and the most popular features.

Voice of customer analysis

This could be a survey that collects user feedback from the site’s users, consisting of 3-5 questions (closed, open, semi-open), and is visible for 5-15 days on the website, conducted via Hotjar, Typeform, Usabilla etc.

As a result you’ll receive

After every piece of research we prepare a report/presentation discussing the findings of the study and summarizing the research results. We also give recommendations explaining how to improve the current product to meet the expectations of users and business goals. Finally, we create intuitive & useful products that will meet the needs and expectations of the client and of final users.

UX Research step by step

Example qualitative interview schedule


Meeting with the client

Before the research

Defining the research problems, accepting recruitment criteria, recruitment of the respondents, preparation of a research scenario, mock-ups & a prototype.

Research time

Every participant signs a consent form and an NDA, then we conduct the survey and collect observations.

After the test

Report, presentation.

Our research tools

We have our own UX Research Studio, where we use:

Computers and smartphones

with professional recording & transmitting software, e.g. Morae Recorder, Zoom and Lookback

Professional cameras and microphones

for recording the interview with detail such as facial expressions and finger movements

Clickable prototypes

e.g. Axure, Sketch, AnimaApp and others

A lab with a one-way mirror

A lab with a one-way mirror which allows our clients to observe the interview*.

We did research for

BNP Paribas, Agora, Janssen, Wienerberger, Volkswagen, Seat and mBank.

UX research case study

We did design and UX testing for Wysokie Obcasy

Always up to the challenge

If you are looking for a UX research agency, try us! Our team will prepare an offer tailored to your needs and capabilities. Listen to your users and test your product. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

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