Growth by UX/UI Design with Efigence

Our agency makes UX/UI Design a binding element of your broader CX digital strategy to deliver engagement and conversion boost with optimal and delightful experiences.

Looking for experts? Don't look further. We can do it for you!

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    We are recognized as a top UX/UI design company from Poland by some most outstanding brands

    UX consulting company that add soul to increase value of your product


    Build highly usable web & mobile apps

    Translate business and user needs into optimized user journeys for mobile applications and web pages. For both start-ups largest enterprises.

    Create interfaces with wow-effect

    Design outstanding, world-class digital experiences. We put special focus on crafting beautiful user interfaces that boost engagement

    Test usability with end-users

    Verify the potential of your products using qualitative and quantitative testing methods , make rapid modifications, and ensure that everything meets the expectations of your users

    Build conversion, sales and engagement boosting user journeys

    Always put special attention to design the most persuasive user journey, to boost sales and increase conversion rates for e-commerce and more

    What makes our UX/UI design firm unique?

    We make your business ideas shine

    Delightful product concepts - UX/UI vision and target picture of new digital product

    We create a unique vision for a new digital product. We will understand your business model, research the competitive environment and target users, and create an unconventional and innovative UX/UI approach that will impress your decision-makers and sponsors. We will suggest several kick-ass features that will give you a competitive edge. The product vision will also help you understand how the product should function and look, and how to navigate it at a very early stage of the project. Elevate your sales pitch and build a target picture of your product with Efigence, one of the best UX agencies in Poland .
    We specialize in the most complex UX projects

    Vast experience with UX projects at scale

    What makes Efigence unique among top-notch UX/UI companies from Poland, is our experience with UX projects at scale.
    We specialize in the largest and most complex UX/UI design projects for financial and insurance markets in Poland, Europe, and the GCC region, including Saudi Arabia and UAE.
    We participate in award-winning projects that last for many months or years, with a dedicated UX/UI team of multiple designers that can be incorporated into the agile structure of your enterprise. We provide you with Lead UX Designer, an experienced, strong design leadership role, which allows you to create an efficient design process and take ownership of the UX/UI vision and ensure the required quality confirmed by managers of the largest financial institutions and innovative startups.

    “CA24 mobile application offers unique customer experiences, through innovative design that is one step ahead of today's market needs. It was thanks to the joint work with Efigence and an orderly process that it was possible not only to achieve the set goals, but also to apply such innovative solutions in the banking application.”


    Katarzyna Tomczyk-Czykier, Managing Director Channel Excellence and Omnichannel Orchestration and Seamless Daily Banking at Credit Bank Agricole.

    What we offer? Services of the best UX company from Poland


    UX research

    When exploring, we use various research techniques, such as in-depth interviews or focus groups. Our UX/UI company will conduct desk research, analyze data and UX audits and provide you with a rich report full of suggestions. We use ethnographic research, personas and proto-personas, competitive analysis and benchmarking, card Sorting and tree testing and more

    UX strategy

    The information collected during research and exploration serves us to define the project strategy and assumptions. At this stage, we will work together in a workshop setting. We use design thinking, design sprints, customer journey mapping and more.


    Our designers are both problem solvers and thinking outside-of-the-box great creative minds. Open to feedback, loving working together with clients in a workshop setting. User flows we propose are not only highly usable and engaging but also feasible. We specialize also in building large-scale design systems for our clients

    Usability Testing

    Designed solutions should be verified with customers. We conduct moderated and unmoderated usability tests also with RITE method. Tests let us refine our design until we are confident that it meets user and business needs

    We build Design Systems for our clients

    We specialize in strategic planning, building, and developing design systems for our clients' organizations. Our expertise ranges from creating smaller libraries (UI guidelines) for a single digital product to large-scale enterprise design systems designed to serve multiple products for clients' different brands across multiple channels and markets. We believe the design system should be an autonomous digital product with its roadmap, releases, building processes and documentation. We help and advise our clients in building dedicated, multidisciplinary design system teams.
    More than internal UX/UI team

    Hire experienced dedicated UX/UI team from our agency

    We offer outside-the-box thinking with no organizational constraints. We deliver innovative and inspiring UX concepts and optimized world-class product design at scale with quality confirmed by some of the most awesome brands from Europe and GCC region.

    Cut you costs up to 40%

    You pay only for effective working hours. And the team is ease to scale

    Risk management

    Our responsibility is to meet your time and quality expectations

    All under one roof

    Efigence offers you UX/UI, development, tests, project management, SEO, business analysis, data science and more

    Senior resources

    Our team members are experienced in finance, automotive, insurance, retail, telecommunications