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Front End Development at Efigence

If you are somewhat green to what front end development is, then you have come to the right place to learn. This is the part of an application or website elements that can be visualized or interact with. Usually, the front end of a website or application consists of two components: the designs and the front–end development. Front end technology is essential in all web segment scenarios, be it a site’s design or, overall, a well-organized web structure that makes everything work excellently.

The benefits of front end technologies are far and wide, as you will see later. Thus, there is the need to outsource front end development to reputable front end developer companies like Artegence who have a broad wealth of experience in executing their mandate. In turn, they will ensure that your website, applications, and features respond speedily, thus giving your visitors a pleasant experience. Another thing, you rest easy that your site is secure, as they will install powerful features and layouts while also being responsible of maintenance.

That said, Artegence is a front end web dev company with more than 25 years of existence. Over time, the company has scooped close to 100 awards in the most important and challenging and tight marketing industry competitions. We have invested time, resources and energy to bringing onboard a professional team that creates and develops top-of-the-range front end applications. Our company is a design-driven software development company that creates mobile apps and websites for established companies and caters to startups as well. Our work is to design and develop both MVP as well as full digital products.

As is being witnessed today, technology is fast-changing, and so is the front end technologies too, rapidly and continually evolving. Thus, this reputable front end developer agency is continually keeping up with the latest trends by training front end developers to meet the topmost market standards. In line with that, we understand how fast the market for front end services is also growing, and clients want more than just generic services, they want more. It is for this reason that we have sort to expand our front end development team, and now we pride in having several dozen specialists.

When you engage us, these are some of the front end development services that we will help you in:

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"Vanila" JavaScript

How the Front-end Development Process Look Like


The company’s team leaders deal with the user experience (UX) and the interface design stage. At this stage, our professionals create products that provide the user with a meaningful and relevant experience. This process involves acquiring and integrating the product, such as design, branding, usability, and functions of the app or the website.


Our front end development Poland Company boasts of having highly qualified and experienced developers. We take seriously front end UI development as well as front end development for your app or website. Our teams work in tandem to give you a great product. They observe all the tenets of a skilled front end developer, which are, good portfolio and up-to-date knowledge, strong awareness of the latest developments in technology, critical thinking style, and creative technical proficiency. With UX/UI sensibility, excellent communication, and vision, you can’t go wrong counting on them.

Implementation stage

Upon seamless communication between our clients and us, we get most of the projects approved. Thereby, our team embarks on the front end developer projects to completion. Our front end developers deploy the prepared system to production servers. We understand how bad businesses are focused on front end website development and application development services to improve user interaction, outlook and feel, as well as the site efficiency. Therefore, we could not help but upgrade to the best AI/ML development tools and technology to use in the implementation stage


We don’t leave you hanging once we have completed your front end developer projects. We hand you over to our able SLA team for support and development. Our specialized team observes all the best practices that front-end developers do, including cleaning and updating content, checks your website for browser compatibility, modification, optimize CSS performance, and much more. They will also optimize your site for loading speed with a CDN and caching and keep repairs, fixes, and upgrades up-to-date. We will use the best front end website technologies to maintain your website and guarantee the best user experience.

Front End Technologies Employed by our Company

For approximately a decade now, our front end development company has delved more into various front-end technologies. We started with the infamous jQuery, which within a short span, gained the recognition of developers. They created the first JavaScript frameworks that, in turn, led to the creation of SPA applications.

Earlier on, ‘a new day, a new dollar’ wasn’t so for the front-end developers, but it meant a new JavaScript framework. Over time, this has seen an increase in the most popular frameworks in the market, concurrently stabilizing the development of technology.

Today, we offer several front-end development services, which also means that we employ several different technologies in our projects. This has enabled our front end web development company to adapt to customer needs, thanks to the vast experience in even the most sort-after frameworks as well as the old ones. Some projects were created using the latest versions but still require support.

Our professionals can enter into projects such as React, AngularJS or Angular 2+, Vue.js, or Vanilla JS single-handedly without bringing on board a new breed of specialists. With more than ten years in the field, we can chest thumb ourselves for our vast knowledge and experience, and also vast resources to handle any front-end development services. Further, as a reputable front end developer enterprise, we guarantee to make any project a success within the estimated budget. For further information about our company and the services we deliver, don’t hesitate to tour our official website, send an email at, or call us, your front end developer agency on +48 22 380 13 13.

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