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Ruby on Rails, or just Rails for short, is a backend framework based on the Ruby programming language, used for development of web applications. First released in 2005, it has gained a great reputation among Ruby developers for its excellent, developer-friendly design.

Why have we decided to use Rails in Efigence?

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Cost reduction

Rails is known to save a lot of development time. Having to assign less manhours to a project allows us to reduce spending and transfer this saving to our clients, reducing project cost.

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Time frame

The framework is designed to reduce the repetition of tasks and provide ready to use modules for common problems. This allows for development of an application in a short time.

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Using community-developed building blocks and formulas, means that common Rails solutions are widely tested and shielded from security flaws.

Ruby on Rails projects are developer friendly

Rails was first developed 15 years ago, specifically to make the development process more programmer friendly. This efficient design was adopted by Efigence, as we set unto the journey of becoming a leading RoR development company in Poland. Rails achieves efficiently by adopting a series of paradigms. First of them is the Model-View-Controller architecture, which separates the parts of the program into clear, task-oriented sections. This reduces the complexity of the project and allows for a better division of developmental tasks, ensuring more efficient project management.

Another paradigm is the Convention over Configuration, also known as the Rails Way. Rails prepares various solutions in the most commonly used way, allowing the developer to focus on the tasks at hands, without being distracted by configurations that are usually set to the same values. You can think of it like the auto-focus in your camera.

The last one is the DRY or Don’t Repeat Yourself principle. It reduces code repetition, making it easier to maintain and, most importantly, reduces the number of bugs in the program. Additionally, DRY helps reduce the programmer’s workload and speeds up the development process. This allows us to deliver you the product swiftly and at a cost lower than using other frameworks.

Ruby on Rails is secure

Applications developed using Ruby on Rails are largely built out of building blocks, known as Gems. These Gems are widely used by the scores of developers around the world, who constantly test them for security flaws, fix them and share the solutions with the wider community. This helps ensure that the applications written using Rails do not have backdoors for hackers to exploit, making them very secure.

Ruby on Rails web app can be quickly developed from scratch

All the ways in which Rails is optimized and streamlined for quick and efficient work make it the best framework for quickly developing applications from scratch. This makes it an optimal tool both for prototypes and for complex web projects. Ruby services provide a wide array of options suitable for many advanced Ruby app projects.

Excellent code quality

Rails is based on the excellent Ruby language. Ruby has concise syntax and a well-designed architecture, making it a useful tool for more advanced Ruby on Rails website development. This basis makes Ruby on Rails projects easy to maintain and expand, causing Ruby web development to be a widely adopted method. Rails framework also minimalizes bugs, making backend developed using this framework better working and much easier to maintain, making both your clients and programmer task with operating the website much happier.

Big companies are using Rails

The Rails framework has proven its worth. It has been chosen as the backend solution for their applications by such companies as Soundcloud, Twitter, Hulu, Groupon, Airbnb, Github, Groupon and Shopify. It is no coincidence that established tech giants use Rails. Its benefits: robustness, ease of expansion and security are well-established facts of the matter, widely recognized in the programming business.

Is Ruby on Rails suited for your project?

If you are wondering if Ruby on Rails is the suitable framework for your needs, contact us and let our specialists, experienced in Ruby on Rails web development, help you make the informed choice. Besides Rails, other development services offered by Efigence include backend development in Java, and PHP.

Why you should choose our Ruby on Rails development company

Efigence has 20 years of experience developing web application and websites for major companies, both Polish and foreign. This experience includes Ruby on Rails backend development, Ruby on Rails mobile app development, as well as projects using other backend frameworks. Our team of skilled and experienced specialist web developers will help you choose the framework most suited to your project. We will work diligently and swiftly to deliver the best and most secure project possible. We also offer maintenance and updating services long after the initial project has been completed.

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