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Welcome to Efigence, a trusted digital transformation company specializing in Digital Advisory and Digital Transformation. We have a track record of creating digital products that stay ahead of the competition, changing an organization's design culture, and consistently exceeding customers' expectations.

We are recognized as a top Digital Transformation company from Poland by some most outstanding brands

Why choose Efigence for your digital transformation needs

We offer world-class UX/UI design expertise. We have successfully built the world's best and most awarded banking user experience for mBank, PKO BP, and Credit Agricole.
Results of our digital consulting firm are top-ranked by BCG and Forrester for our successful digital transformation revamps.
Constant innovation in digital channels, pushing ourselves to create better solutions for our clients.
Our digital consulting agency won multiple prestigious awards from BAI, EFMA, Finovate, and others, proving our success in driving results and exceeding expectations.

Transform Your Business with Our Expert Selected Digital Transformation Services

At Efigence, we are committed to helping our clients elevate their digital capabilities and transform their organizations. If you're looking for a trusted Digital Advisory and Transformation partner, look no further than Efigence. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you elevate your digital transformation.

Credit Agricole

A two years transformation of the bank's mobile application. Based on redesigning the entire UI/UX experience and preparing selected tools, engines and components for further growth and acceleration.


Our successful transformation of mBank, based on innovative mobile and online applications, has been recognized with multiple awards. As the first Polish bank to win the prestigious Best of Show award at Finovate in London, we can help you achieve outstanding results and set a new standard in digital banking.

Emirates NBD

Exclusive partnership with Emirates NBD, the leading banking group in the Middle East, has resulted in a new interface and enhanced user experience for its digital banking platform.


Efigence has delivered a comprehensive design and financial front-end for a new mobile-only subscription-based bank based in Belgium. Our team specializes in redesigning public portals with CMS for multiple languages to sell on all European websites effectively

Success story - digital transformation for financial services

Elevate Your Mobile Banking Experience - A Successful Transformation Partnership between Credit Agricole Bank Polska and Efigence

Co-created by Credit Agricole Bank Polska and Efigence, Mobile Banking offers a unique, seamless customer experience one step ahead of today's market needs, and BCG ranks highly well.
With Efigence's UX/UI design expertise and Credit Agricole Bank Polska's commitment to customer experience in banking, CA24 Mobile optimizes everyday use, builds lasting relationships with customers and supports them in their daily tasks.
The successful transformation partnership between the bank and Efigence resulted in developing over 3,000 elements and modules for the UIUX solution and creating the Design System.
Efigence's expertise in digital consulting services, custom software development, and UI/UX design agency allowed Credit Agricole Bank Polska to change its culture towards a client-centric approach to digital channel design.
By understanding the bank's needs in a highly competitive world and preparing a distinctive concept, Efigence supported Credit Agricole Bank Polska's transformation and created an agile work organization that supports the bank in developing further tools and solutions.

Elevate your digital transformation with Efigence agency

Trust in our commitment to customer experience and join the future of digital banking today with Mobile Banking, co-created by Credit Agricole Bank Polska and Efigence. We specialize in UX strategy, customer experience consulting, and digital strategy consulting, offering unique, innovative solutions that optimize everyday use and build lasting relationships with customers.

Efigence's Comprehensive Digital Transformation Offering: Driving Innovation and Business Success

At Efigence, we provide a full range of digital transformation services that help our clients achieve their business goals and objectives. Our offering includes:

Business and financial industry expertise

With deep knowledge of our client's businesses and industry specifics, we identify their needs and develop practical solutions for digital transformation using the most innovative financial industry expertise - secure, solid and agile.

Unique UX digital strategy development

We work closely with our clients to develop an excellent digital strategy that aligns with their challenging goals. We identify the right technologies, platforms, and processes to achieve the desired outcomes, providing expert UX strategy consulting.

Multi-awarded user-centric design

Our proven track record uses a user-centric approach, creating a top-notch experience, easy-to-use processes, and responsive web designs that work across multiple devices, driving engagement and fast adoption.

Agile methodologies proved with most significant banking groups

We use agile methods to deliver solutions iteratively and incrementally, providing ongoing feedback and refinement and responding quickly to changing client needs and requirements. We secure UX excellence, IT analysis, and exceptional front end without sacrificing customers' needs.

Implementing organisation change to blossom design-driven culture

We provide change to organisation culture, including managing UX department transformation, training employees on new design-driven processes and systems, and ensuring buy-in and adoption from stakeholders.

Technology and platform expertise

Our team has expertise in the latest financial technologies, onboarding tools, self-service portals, and platforms, including big data analytics, custom application, value-added services, digital content / CMS & mobile app development.

Partner with Efigence company for Comprehensive Digital Consulting and Transformation Services and Elevate Your Digital Business Transformation

Elevate your business with Efigence's comprehensive digital transformation services. Our offering includes UX strategy, custom software development, and customer experience consulting. Trust in our proven track record of successful transformations, including Credit Agricole Bank Polska, Emirates NBD, and mBank. Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve your digital transformation goals.

Why Efigence?

At Efigence - top digital transformation company, we specialise in digital consulting services, custom software development, UX design, and customer experience consulting. As a leading UI/UX design agency, we offer unparalleled customer experience in banking and digital strategy consulting. Contact us today to learn how our comprehensive Digital Transformation offering can elevate your business and help you achieve your goals.

Comprehensive Digital Transformation Offering

Business and financial industry expertise

Unique UX digital strategy development

Multi-awarded user-centric design

Agile methodologies proved with significant banking groups

Implementing change to the design-driven culture

Technology and platform expertise

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