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What is JavaScript

JavaScript is a frontend programming language. In fact, it is pretty much THE frontend programming language. The frontend web development market is dominated by JavaScript and its derivatives, so called frameworks, such as Vue.js, React and Angular.


JavaScript was developed in 1995 by Brendan Eich, known for cofounding Mozilla and Brave browsers. Since then, JavaScript has managed to gain huge popularity and became an essential feature of the World Wide Web as we know it.

What does JavaScript do?

JavaScript operates on the user’s end of the connection, on the browser. There it performed operations allowing for interactive web pages that are not just passive HTML text and images. Let us be honest: you are not passionate about the technobabble. Hire us and you will never have to stand and listen to your IT specialist trying to explain to you why your system isn’t working. With Efigence, your website is safe.

Market dominance of JavaScript

The central position of JavaScript means that there are pretty much no alternatives to its use. Unless you want to operate a remarkably simple, display-only text and image website. Fortunately, JavaScript is open source and the experience require to implement it can be found in great supply at our company. Our web developers will walk you through every part of the process ensuring you can focus on other parts of your business without worrying about JavaScript web application development.


The situation is simple really. If you are looking to launch a website that allows your customers to interact with it in real time, without long waiting times, you have to use JavaScript technologies. The only questions are should you use pure JavaScript or one of the frameworks operating with it and why Efigence is the company best suited to help you with JavaScript development.


To save time and streamline the development process, JavaScript frameworks were developed. These are usually open source projects that use the collective experiences of thousands of web developers to continuously expand and improve its product. The frontend development market is dominated by three such frameworks. Don’t worry, Efigence offers services using all three.

One of them is React

React was developed and is maintained by Facebook. It is the most widely used of the three frameworks. Its architecture consists of components, ready to use packets of code designed to solve common problems. The build in testability of React allows for easier bugfixes, while its modular architecture means you can improve your product without overhauling the entire project. Additionally, React uses TypeScript, which is an advanced version of JavaScript, which speeds up the development process and greatly reduces the number of bugs.

The second one is Angular

Developed by the tech Behemoth Google, Angular is design with bigger, more complex projects in mind. Angular handles such projects well, achieving great performance even on complex functionalities and large datasets. Using Angular for developing single page web applications can greatly improve user experience. Angular’s reliance on TypeScript provides a product with fewer internal contradictions.

Finally, Vue.js

In contrast to the other two, Vue.js was developed by a single java frontend developer. When designing Vue.js Evan You had primarily the comfort of his fellow web developers in mind. His successful product is consistently rated highest of the three by frontend developers. Vue’s progressive framework means you can apply it to select parts of your code or to apply it gradually.

Find out if JavaScript suitable for you

Contact our company to find out if JavaScript development is the right solution for your website. We will connect you with a JavaScript developer who can assess if your application should be built or expanded with JavaScript, or maybe one if its derivative frameworks. Here at Efigence we have amassed experienced developing both pure Java and its most important frameworks.

Efigence is the best choice for your business’s requirements

With 25 years of experience operating in rapidly evolving and competitive market, Efigence is the right choice for outsourcing JavaScript development. Our company has proven its capabilities and commitment to quality by designing products for major polish media outlets, banks, and countless other companies. You can trust us with JavaScript web development. Outsource your JavaScript web application development to Poland.

Our developers

At Efigence, we employ professionals who continuously work on perfecting their skills, in order to ensure the ability of delivering you the best JavaScript development services you can find in Poland. You can trust our proven track record and our solid position among JavaScript development companies. Our excellent employees make us into the proud JavaScript development company we are.

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