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Revolutionize Your Digital Banking Experience with Efigence: UX Design & Software Development Tailored to Your Needs. Discover Efigence's end-to-end, custom-made digital banking solutions, from ideation to implementation. Our expertise in financial front-ends guarantees solid technology and engaging customer experiences.

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    Our Proven Track Record

    We earn multiple awards for digital banking transformations, including BAI, EFMA, Finovate, and more
    We are trusted by financial industry groups such as mBank, Credit Agricole, Alior Bank, PEKAO, BNP Paribas, AION Bank, NORDEA, and Emirates NBD
    We deliver complete end-to-end solutions, from concept, architecture, to implementation and SLA, incorporating our cutting-edge banking tools like Global Search engine and PFM
    Digital banking trends

    Autonomous Digital Banking: The Future of Financial Services

    At Efigence, we believe in the power of autonomous digital banking, a future where cognitive banking takes centre stage, prioritizing customer needs and delivering seamless, personalized experiences. We envision a world where individually programmed robots support all digital banking activities, making financial management more intuitive and efficient.

    Ambient Banking: Integrating Finance into Everyday Life

    The Ambient Banking trend reflects the shift towards distributed and embedded banking services across various touchpoints. This innovative approach intertwines banking into the fabric of everyday life, making it accessible, convenient, and customer-centric. By integrating financial services into digital ecosystems, customers can easily manage their finances and enjoy a more connected experience.

    Value-Added Services 2.0: Enhancing Digital Banking Experience

    New bi-directional Value-Added Services (VAS) in 2nd wave are transforming digital banking, making it a pilot that drives in-app experiences and covers the entire lifestyle ecosystem surrounding users. This approach provides banking customers with personalized solutions, tailored recommendations, and real-time insights, enriching their financial lives and supporting their unique needs.

    Virtualization of Money Movement: The Rise of Invisible Transactions

    As invisible subscriptions, invisible payments, and virtual bill payments gain traction, the virtualisation of money movement revolutionises digital banking. This shift transforms digital banking platforms into hubs that manage virtual liquidity and decentralised information, streamlining financial operations and providing customers with a unified, secure, and user-friendly experience.

    Social ESG Trends: Driving Sustainability in Digital Banking

    The growing awareness of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals is influencing the digital banking landscape. Innovative solutions, such as incorporating CO2 measures into transaction histories, allow customers to track their sustainability efforts and make informed decisions per their values.

    Financial Wellness: Empowering Customers to Make Healthy Financial Choices

    The financial wellness trend is gaining momentum, driving the development of tools that support customers in making informed and responsible financial decisions. By providing personalized insights, recommendations, and resources, digital banking platforms empower users to improve their financial health and achieve their goals.

    Personal Assistants: Aiding in Intelligent Money Management

    With the rise of personal digital assistants, customers can rely on programmed, limited-intelligence systems to support money-related activities and spending patterns. These virtual assistants empower users to make smarter financial decisions, ensuring a more balanced and secure financial future.

    At Efigence, we are dedicated to harnessing the power of these trends to revolutionise digital banking, creating an autonomous, customer-centric, and seamless financial experience for users worldwide. Our focus on innovation, sustainability, and financial wellness ensures we remain at the forefront of the ever-evolving digital banking landscape.

    Success Story: Alior Bank's Digital Banking Platform

    Transform Your Digital Banking Experience with Efigence's EFI4: Empower Your Bank and Delight Your Customers Like Alior Kantor in Poland and Romania. Efigence's EFI4, a best digital banking platform, has been successfully implemented by Alior Kantor, delivering a tailored and customized user experience for each client. The innovative user interface, recently introduced in Alior Kantor's Polish and Romanian markets, has revolutionized how customers interact with the bank, driving engagement and revenue growth.

    By choosing Efigence's EFI4, the bank can enjoy the benefits of an enhanced digital banking platform designed to optimize customer engagement and increase revenue through customer acquisition, up-selling, and retention. Our platform offers a seamless user experience featuring:

    Fast onboarding process in under five minute
    Multi-currency card with competitive exchange rates
    Account-to-account and peer-to-peer money transfer capabilities
    Weekend currency exchange and more

    Elevate your bank's digital presence with the expertise and experience gained from our successful collaboration with Alior Bank in the Romanian market over the past two years and our decade-long partnership.

    You can trust Efigence to deliver a cutting-edge, tailored digital banking solution to empower your bank and delight customers. Partner with Efigence and experience the revolution in digital banking, just like Alior Kantor. Embrace innovation and unlock the full potential of your digital banking services today!

    Efigence redefined digital banking with a custom-built platform for Alior Bank, offering seamless currency exchange, mobile app development, and robust banking features. Learn more about our collaboration and its game-changing impact on the industry.

    How to improve digital banking platform? With our Professional Services:

    Best digital banking customer experience: Rapid UX design for banking systems, from ideation to implementation-ready showreel concepts in under two months
    Digital banking consulting: IT expertise for crafting solid JAVA tech architecture for banking, including technology alignment, services integration, and standardization
    Best digital banking software and technology: Deployment and customization of digital solutions, from seamless onboarding to integration with VAS and third-party services
    Comprehensive support, maintenance, and SLA for digital banking with full compliance with PSD2, GDPR, and ECB guidelines

    Our Cutting-Edge Technology & Security

    Bank-grade security and robustness, verified by rigorous audits and verification
    Coverage of all critical areas of a bank's digital presence, including transactional sites, digital banking apps, public portals, and CMS as omnichannel digital banking platform
    Support for retail, SME, corporate, conversational, core, challenger banking, trade finance, FX trading, insurance, investments, and personal finance (PFM)

    Choose Efigence for Your Tailor-Made Digital Banking Solution

    Extensive industry experience and proven track record
    Award-winning digital transformations for fintech
    Comprehensive, end-to-end solutions
    Cutting-edge technology and robust security
    Customized approach to meet your unique needs

    Efigence mobile & development capabilities

    Front-end delivery

    At Efigence, we offer front-end delivery capabilities, including web application development with javascript, Angular JS, Vue.JS, and React, CMS front-end customization, design system components, and WCAG testing for accessibility compliance. With our expertise, you can be sure your applications are developed with the latest technologies, customized to your branding, and accessible to all users.

    Back-end coding

    At Efigence, we offer expert back-end development capabilities that include IT architecture design, Java applications development, integrations and APIs, backend-for-frontend development, performance and security testing, and technical documentation. We build powerful and reliable applications that are tailored to your needs, seamlessly integrated with other systems and services, and optimized for performance and security. Trust us to take your applications to the next level.

    Mobile development

    At Efigence, we specialize in mobile app development with expert capabilities in mobile IT architecture design, native apps E2E delivery for both iOS and Android, as well as development using React Native, NativeScript, and Flutter. Our team delivers high-quality, user-friendly mobile apps that are optimized for performance and functionality. Let us help you take your mobile strategy to the next level.

    DevOps Services

    Efigence offers top-notch DevOps services, including environments in cloud or on-premises, CI/CD pipelines, DevOps support, 24/7 SLA & maintenance, and infrastructure and performance administration. Our team ensures that your applications run smoothly and are always available to your users. We use the latest technologies and best practices to build robust, scalable, and secure environments for your applications. Trust us to handle your DevOps needs and help you focus on your business.

    Discover Efigence's Comprehensive Professional Services: Elevate Your Bank's Digital Experience with Exceptional UX & Development under One Roof


    Optimize your costs while enhancing the quality

    Choose Efigence, a leading European digital banking provider, to optimize your costs while enhancing the quality of your bank's digital offerings. Our professional services provide exceptional UX and development capabilities, ensuring a seamless, intuitive experience for your customers.

    Stand out from the competition with our concepts

    Leverage Efigence's expertise to make your bank stand out from the competition. Our innovative approach to best digital banking solutions enables you to unlock your bank's unique selling points, capturing market share with faster, more cost-effective, and groundbreaking digital applications.

    Collaborate with banks' proven digital transformation partner

    Partner with Efigence and transform your bank's digital journey, driving customer satisfaction, loyalty, and revenue growth. Experience the difference and secure your position as a market leader in the digital banking landscape.

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    Transform your digital banking experience with Efigence, and join the ranks of industry leaders who trust us to deliver unparalleled results. Let's embark on this journey together and revolutionize how you engage with your customers.