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Progressive Web Applications (PWA) combine the power and capabilities of native mobile applications and the flexibility and reach of web applications. PWA app development is the next phase in delivering the best experience to mobile users, whether online or offline. Learn more about PWA and what the right PWA app development company can do for you.

What Is Progressive Web App Development and How Can It Help Online Businesses?

PWAs are applications that combine the properties of a website and a mobile application. Thanks to advances in progressive web application development, we can now offer the convenience of native app-like user experience without losing the advantages of a regularly updated website.

A PWA development company can develop a PWA that can help your business grow by offering features not available in a native app or a website alone. They can give your customers what they want and need through a seamless experience that uses fewer data. They are also always up to date, saving your customers hassle.

How Do Progressive Web Applications Work and What Can They Do?

With the right progressive web application development company, you can take advantage of robust features. The power of websites is that they are easy to update. Keeping the latest information on a website is just part of your organization's day-to-day activities. Native apps also have their advantages.

They offer a richer experience on mobile and feel like an extension of a mobile device. With PWA application development, you can have the best of both worlds. Developing progressive web applications is about using modern APIs to deliver a native app's capabilities while having access to the always fresh website content across multiple platforms.

What Can Progressive Web Application Development Services Do For You?

A PWA development company can help you see the specific advantages of a PWA for your organization. However, some benefits are universal. These include the PWA development cost. Progressive web development avoids the need to develop native apps for multiple platforms. With PWA development, iOS and Android are covered in one application. PWA development services can also help you more easily keep everything updated and integrated. This is without the need for different teams to focus on keeping the website and app updated.

More Awesome Features Available with Progressive Web Application Development

Offline Mode

Unlike visiting a website, once a user installs a PWA, they can interact with it even in offline mode. Your PWA development company develops an app that can be installed and can synchronize data when it is online to keep it updated. You may have experienced a similar functionality if you use the Facebook app on your mobile device. When you are offline with no web connection, the most recent information is retrieved from the cache. You see what was available as of the last connection. When the connection is restored, the app downloads the latest. This even works with online forms. If a user is offline, they can fill out a form, and the data is temporarily stored on the device. As soon as the device connects to the internet, the information is uploaded. This is a fantastic feature. Imagine, your user has started filling out a form and then lost connection after boarding an airplane or getting on a subway. On a regular site, they would need to start over. Thanks to the features available through progressive web app development, they can keep working, hit submit, and count on the fact that their form will be sent when they reconnect.

Independent of Browser

Your PWA app development company will develop an application that won’t need a mobile web browser to run. Once installed, it will display data within the app without the need to launch Chrome, Opera, Safari, or another browser. This function gives the user access to information in one click, which leads to increased engagement. Your client can quickly visit the resource at any convenient time.

The PWA Resource is Still a Website

As you will see in the progressive web application development life cycle, what is behind the PWA is still a website. That means that you can link to any of its pages, send links using Facebook Messenger, or post them to social media. Even better, progressive web app developers will be sure that search engines can index all your content for improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Standard mobile applications only work on the platforms for which they are developed. That means separate apps for iOS and Android. PWAs can work on almost all hardware platforms, reducing progressive web application development costs. One universal PWA is all you need, and you can still add it to Google Play and App Store.

Push notifications

Unlike a standard mobile website, users can receive convenient notifications about promotions, inventory, specials, news, events, and other relevant information.

Full Screen Mode

When users open up your PWA in fullscreen mode, it will be very difficult to tell the difference between a native mobile application and the PWA.

PWAs achieve measurable results

Tinder is fast

Thanks to technology, Tinder has reduced page loading time from 11.9 to 4.69 seconds. PWA Tinder is 90% “light-er” than their native app.

Uber weighs almost nothing

PWA Uber weighs almost nothing and loads in 3 seconds, even on 2G networks.

OLX increased ad clickthrough

Thanks to PWA, OLX increased ad clickthrough rate by 146% and reduced bounce rate by 80%.

Why Efigence Is a Leader Among Progressive Web Application Development Companies?

Efigence is about more than technology. We are about helping organizations create a unique customer journey through strategy, creation, and design. That means our team is always looking for the latest tools and technologies to help our clients reach their goals. We are far more than a progressive web app development company.

We create websites and apps and oversee technological and integration projects. Progressive web apps development is just one tool in our toolkit to help you succeed. If you are searching for a PWA app development company, we are ready to help with that and so much more.

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