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    Are you ready to elevate your online and mobile experience with our cutting-edge global search solutions?

    Fast Global Search is here to help you optimize data usage, foster lasting customer relationships, and maximize revenue across all digital touchpoints. Stay ahead of the competition by providing your customers with lightning-fast global search results and an unparalleled user experience. Embrace the digital future and embark on a journey that will transform your platform and lead to long-term success.

    Global Search: A Comprehensive Solution for Industries with Sensitive Data and Strict Security Requirements

    Fast Global Search goes beyond its exceptional capabilities in the banking sector, providing a highly efficient tool for various industries that manage vast amounts of metadata and have stringent security requirements for customer data. Industries such as gas and energy, finance, automotive, telecom, and service providers can significantly benefit from our global search engine, which ensures compliance with sensitive GDPR and guarantees the utmost security of customer data.
    By implementing Global Search in these industries, companies can leverage a user-centric approach that streamlines data management, retrieval, and presentation across different systems. Our solution not only enhances the overall user experience but also upholds the highest data protection and privacy standards, catering to the specific needs and demands of data-sensitive sectors. Experience the power and adaptability of Global Search and elevate your data management and security to new heights.

    Why Choose EFI4 Global Search Solutions?

    Trusted by Industry Leaders

    A two years transformation of the bank's mobile application. Based on redesigning the entire UI/UX experience and preparing selected tools, engines and components for further growth and acceleration.

    Innovative Functions & Cutting-Edge Technology

    Our successful transformation of mBank, based on innovative mobile and online applications, has been recognized with multiple awards. As the first Polish bank to win the prestigious Best of Show award at Finovate in London, we can help you achieve outstanding results and set a new standard in digital banking.

    Seamless Integration of Data Sources

    Exclusive partnership with Emirates NBD, the leading banking group in the Middle East, has resulted in a new interface and enhanced user experience for its digital banking platform.

    Robust Back Office & Management HUB – Global Search and UI/UX

    Efigence has delivered a comprehensive design and front-end for a new mobile-only subscription-based bank based in Belgium. Our team specializes in redesigning public portals with CMS for multiple languages to sell on all European websites effectively

    Cost-effective & Satisfaction-Driven

    EFI4 Global Search reduces support costs and dramatically improves customer satisfaction, making it the ultimate choice for digital leaders striving to excel in today's competitive market.

    The Story Behind Fast Global Search

    The Human Experience: Empowering Users with Seamless Browsing and Engagement Fast Global Search isn't just about technological advancements; it's about understanding ordinary people's everyday needs for frictionless browsing, touching, scrolling, and searching across all digital applications. Win customer engagement through data offloading, ultra-fast decisions, and enhanced sales and user experience. Our innovative approach combines cutting-edge global search UX technology with an understanding of human behaviour to create a truly immersive online experience.

    Technical Innovations

    Offload Your Core systems with Account Data

    Keep up with the exponential growth of data and interactions without overhauling your core systems - experience near-real-time query results by leveraging and replicating slow-changing data with our ultra-fast intermediary global search UI tool. Our unique solution ensures rapid results and significantly reduces costs associated with system upgrades.

    Experience Extremely Fast Transaction Search for a Modern UI/UX Application and Frontend

    Delight users with smooth transaction search experiences that enhance the overall evaluation of mobile and online applications. Our Global Search architecture ensures seamless data searching across any channel, resulting in unrestricted front-end experiences and modern UI/UX construction. By offering a user-friendly global search UX interface, we empower customers to navigate their accounts quickly.

    Grow, Innovate, and Operate at Scale as Your Business Expands

    The Global Search platform remains independent of flow volume, excelling when faced with substantial customer increases and information in domain systems. Our robust architecture is designed to adapt to your growing business, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition and continue providing exceptional customer service.

    Harness Modern Live Search Engines for Information, Products, and Processes

    Achieve results faster than you can type with our live search engine capable of handling thousands of parallel queries in milliseconds. Enhance search accuracy with auto-correct, inflexion support, custom policies, and multi-language support. Our advanced global search firms technology enables users to delve into various file types, such as PDFs, further improving the overall

    Experience the Future of Digital with Fast Global Search

    Near-Real-Time Responses and Exceptional User Experience Embrace our ultra-fast Global Search to instantly address users' needs and guarantee a superior experience across all mobile and digital channels. Our global search solutions deliver innovative technology that combines the best global search UX and UI to create a seamless, engaging, and highly functional experience.

    Fast Global Search offers

    Accelerated legacy platforms with global search firms’ technology
    Improved customer services and global search consultants' expertise
    Exceptional digital experiences and global search UX
    Higher contextual sales results using global search UI
    Scalability as your business grows

    Don't miss the opportunity to revolutionize your online and mobile experience. Embrace Fast Global Search today, and let us transform your platform for smarter decisions, better sales, and an enhanced user experience with our state-of-the-art global search solutions. It's fast, it's excellent, and it's ready for your data!

    Elevate Your Client-facing Platform with EFI4 Global Search Engine

    Experience seamless user experience, efficient data management, and cutting-edge technology trusted by industry leaders. EFI4 Global Search offers a 99% response rate, seamless data integration, robust Back Office & Management HUB, and cost-effective solutions that improve customer satisfaction.

    At Efigence - top digital transformation company, we specialise in digital consulting services, custom software development, UX design, and customer experience consulting. As a leading UI/UX design agency, we offer unparalleled customer experience in banking and digital strategy consulting. Contact us today to learn how our comprehensive Digital Transformation offering can elevate your business and help you achieve your goals.

    Benefits of Global Search implementation:

    Accelerate innovation by integrating Fast Global Search into all physical, digital, mobile, and front-office & back-office channels
    Deliver exceptional customer experiences by providing fast and easy access to services
    Boost sales with smarter decisions enabled by offloading core systems with account data
    Maintain seamless data handling and search functionality across all channels
    Build unlimited modern UI/UX experiences
    Reduce support costs and significantly improve customer satisfaction
    Stay ahead in the industry with Fast Global Search