A new, higher level of banking: an innovative application from Credit Agricole Bank Polska created in cooperation with Efigence

1 June 2022

Dedicated to individual customers and SMEs, the CA24 Mobile application has just been released. Designed completely from scratch, it’s a brand new, unique experience in digital banking. It is the result of cooperation between Credit Agricole Bank Polska and the technology company, Efigence.


The new “CA24 Mobile – pełna korzyści” application offers a unique customer experience using an innovative design that is one step ahead of today’s market needs. It makes daily use of mobile banking refreshingly light and pleasant and presents the bank’s products and services in an innovative way, offering imaginative touches such as an interface with accordion cards, a pull-out drawer with transaction history and a bottom menu.

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Our solutions

Efigence is responsible for the UX / UI area of the application, working in multiple stages with the bank’s team. Efigence created the concept and shouldered responsibility for the development of the system design, comprising a universal library of components for the entire mobile ecosystem.

One of the most important underlying assumptions of the application was the optimization of everyday use. This is one of the purposes of the accordion, an element of the start screen interface, enabling the customer to quickly access comprehensive knowledge about their current financial life.

“The new Credit Agricole Bank Polska application focuses as much as possible on the customers’ needs, building a lasting relationship with them and supporting them in their daily tasks. On the way to achieving this effect, one of the key elements was the appropriate design of the tool. That is why the Efigence team was integrated into a broad bank team with business, analytical and design competences, being the core of the part responsible for UX and UI solutions throughout the entire process. We are glad that, on a project of particular importance to us, we cooperated with such an experienced partner knowing the needs of our clients”, commented Katarzyna Tomczyk-Czykier, Managing Director of Channel Excellence and Omnichannel Orchestration and Seamless Daily Banking.

Designers from Efigence, together with the Credit Agricole Bank Polska team, also rebuilt the information architecture, proposing an innovative approach to a client’s financial assets. These assets have been categorized into either daily banking products, collected in the “money” tab, or grouped under “assets” for those that change slowly, and are related to saving and financial resources.

“In line with the bank’s strategy, we put a lot of emphasis when designing on showing additional benefits to the user. We implemented the project according to our own methodology, starting with the concept stage, which is very important to us. It allows you to gain insights into the organization, learn about the technological background, and research and understand the user’s perspective. Thanks to this, we set the directions for UX solutions in the project, but we also started to speak the same language with the client, which is crucial to the success of the entire project. We are delighted that, together with Credit Agricole Bank Polska, we can create solutions from scratch which take the relationship between the user and the bank to the next level”, sums up Paweł Dunia, UX Director at Efigence.

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Benefits stream

Efigence is also the co-author of a solution named “rzeka korzyści” (benefits stream) which sits in a central place in the application and, in an attractive and intriguing way, displays the Credit Agricole Bank Polska’s Klub korzyści (benefits club). Here, customers can find tailored offers from top Polish and global brands. In addition to discounts on purchases, customers accessing the benefits stream will also receive personalized offers of the bank’s products and services, also available on special terms. The Benefits Club is by far the biggest distinguishing feature of the new CA24 Mobile when compared to other Polish applications

“From the point of view of developing user experience for a mobile application, working on this project – with such a wide scope – was not only a huge challenge, but also a great pleasure and even greater satisfaction. We created an excellent team of UX Designers who worked hand-in-hand with entire teams of specialists. We conducted as many as seven usability tests with 70 potential users”, says Marcin Kindermann, User Experience Director at Credit Agricole Bank Polska

The bank will continue to develop the CA24 Mobile full benefits application. New services will appear in the application later this year.

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