Getin Noble Bank, in cooperation with Efigence, introduces new internet banking solutions

7 April 2022

The changes in Getin Noble Bank’s online banking include the implementation of new functionalities and further modernization of its appearance. Thanks to the improvements introduced, using the bank’s offer is even simpler and more intuitive. The changes will be introduced modularly, and as a first step, the bank’s customers see the new version of the main finance module, including bills held.

Ultimately, the finance module aggregates all the client’s financial products in one place. Their appropriate exposure is of key importance – a wide range of options offered by the bank in the clearest way possible. Thanks to technology, a new form and various improvements, Getin Noble Bank’s online banking is easier to use and facilitates everyday banking for customers.

Today’s online banking is much more than a financial tool. Customers often have contact with it many times a day, so the solutions we propose must be affordable and easy to use,” comments Marta Dałkiewicz, Director of the Electronic Banking Department at Getin Noble Bank.

“Our joint activities with Efigence were focused on providing users with just such solutions – intuitive, to be used in various spheres of life, including those only indirectly related to finances. We are glad that we can go through the whole process together with a partner whose experience and know-how are invaluable in such a large and important transformation for us.”

Marek Lesiak, President and CTO of Efigence, commented: “Today, finance is connected with almost every sphere of our life, and the use of online banking should be as easy, intuitive and pleasant as if it were part of our DNA. Supporting the client in the process of creating a new digital version of Getin Noble Bank, we focused on solutions that make online banking even more accessible to everyone. In addition, the look & feel created for the web application and the mobile application allows the user, regardless of the channel used, to conveniently bank and achieve their goals. We are very happy to have such an open partner as Getin Noble Bank, with whom cooperation on the transformation process has been sheer pleasure”

In the following quarters, changes will be made to product and service requests, then payments. The banking home page will be changed last, together with the menu. At this time, customers will get to see the full version of the new internet banking solution.

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