Banking in Pandemic Times

6 April 2022

Read the e-book and find out how the worlds of banking and FinTech are changing in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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What this book is about

Banking is an area where innovative changes to processes have been taking place for some years. All segments – from retail banking to corporate services – have seen investment in modern IT tools and platforms. In recent years, banks have undergone a transformation, abandoning the image of refined institutions welcoming clients in their marbled halls. Currently, they have much more in common with technology companies, offering their services mainly through digital channels. The COVID-19 pandemic is proving to be something of a catalyst in the fusion of banking and technology, including FinTech in its broadest sense. Banking in Pandemic Times reflects on how the sector unwittingly prepared itself to operate in quarantine conditions and tries to answer the question of what to expect next.

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Who should read this book?

  • managers of banks and technology companies who can save a fortune on consultancy fees by reading this book (it will tell you exactly the same);
  • those bank employees who deal with innovation, the use of electronic channels, technology, and research and design of usability, because they will find some convincing arguments here to push their bosses for a raise;
  • bank employees who deal with something else entirely but have a sneaking suspicion that they should start looking for a job in another industry;
  • young economists, designers and programmers who may pick up some handy hints on how to direct their careers;
  • the John Does, Jane Does and Joe Publics, ordinary customers who will come to realize that in a relationship with a bank, you are a part customer and part product.

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