Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is training your company in efficient use of digital technology

  • using digital software to give your customers more (power, freedom) for less (money, effort, hassle)
  • using digital software to lower your costs

Digitally efficient companies dominate the markets by giving customers more for less

  • Shopping that comes to your door at the touch of a finger vs. driving yourself to the store (Amazon vs Barnes&Noble)
  • Making few clicks on your computer vs going to a video rental (Netflix vs Blockbuster)
  • Instant transaction vs waiting your turn at the bank (mBank, Revolut vs traditional banks)
  • On-demand, free news vs physical effort of buying paper (Facebook vs newspapers)
  • One-click taxi ordering vs calling, waiting at the pick-up spot, paying (Uber vs taxi cabs).
  • Lower prices thanks to efficient digitally driven operations (Amazon vs the world)

More for less

In each of these cases, a digitally efficient company has upended an existing business by giving customers more for less (better value/price ratio). There was a company providing a service, and BAM! a digitally efficient competitor took their customers by offering more for less.

Customers get more for less through software you build

  • In all of these cases customers get the value through software on their screens (and speakers)
  • In most cases it is easier for the customer to get the value through the screen, than in any other way. 
(banking being the prime example – you don’t want to go to the branch, do you?)
  • In most of these cases software on their screen is the only way customers get the value – therefore it is the only touchpoint that builds the perception of value in customer’s mind

Great software wins customers

Great software wins customers. Shoddy software pushes customers into competitors’ arms. Digitally efficient companies focus on building great software, because it allows them to upend their competitors

Amazon A/B tests 12000 instances of their page daily

Airbnb, Uber - their main expenditure is in R&D of digital software channels

Facebook does 1 million

Artegence is an expert in building software

Artegence is an expert in building digital software for banking and telecom customers, tools that give them more for less. We bring award-winning UX/UI design and technology, so you get the edge you need to succeed. Here are some things we did:

Case Study

BNP GO Online

We transformed online banking into one of the best in class. Bank has jumped from 5th to 3rd among the biggest polish banks. Our role: Product design and frontend.

Case Study

BNP GO Mobile

Desk-bound bank turned mobile-first. MVP delivered in 1 month. High quality solution valued by the customers (4.6 stars on Appstore, and growing). We built the first mobile app for BNP in Poland – so the bank could reach for millions of daily transactions. Our role: Product design.

Here’s how we work with you to build great software for your customers

1️⃣ Prioritising goals

We help you clearly define the purpose of the software, so the whole organization has a common understanding of what we are building and why we build it. We will work with you to define:

Who is the user

Who are we building the software for? Who is the most important customer? Who is next? And after that?

How do we measure success?

How do we measure success? How do we know, whether we succeeded business-wise?

2️⃣ Understanding moments of struggle

We always build the tool to match the situation. To that end we visualize the customer’s struggle to get what they want. This process is called journey mapping (more here). Such visualization allows us to pinpoint struggling moments and decide:

  • Which struggles we can help with
  • When our help will be most appreciated

It is a strategic look at what problems we are currently solving for the customer, and where are business opportunities (problems that are waiting to be solved)

3️⃣ Picking the problems worth solving

Based on our common understanding of the customer we can judge strategically which customer we should fulfill first, second, third place. We build a roadmap of growth – growth, because we make it clear which features should be built first, and which should remain in your backlog

Not every problem is worth solving. With our methods you will see customers’ problems laid out visually as a map – shown in context of a sales funnel, or stages of customer lifecycle (buying -> using -> returning for more).

We will help you asses how feasible it is to bring different products, features, or improvements to life. We have delivered hundreds of projects. We know red flags before they even show themselves. We build and prioritise backlog of product features based on value vs feasibility factor – and thus build a roadmap for growth

4️⃣ Spreading knowledge within team

We build a concrete picture of what customers do to accomplish their goals. By building this picture together with your team, we create a common understanding of what problems your business wants to solve for the customer. So your team members all play for the one goal

5️⃣ Building – designing, developing, testing

We bring projects to life

With thorough design process

Tight development (frontend, backend)

Rigorous testing

We have build a ton of systems, mobile apps, portals, websites. Always following the same pattern

  • We start with a detailed map of the situation the tool will be built for (what kind of problems are we solving for the customers, and how each problem looks like in detail).
  • Assessing whether we build from scratch, or add to an existing system. We build visual maps to show you how your new features will fit in to an existing system.
  • We build scenarios – a visual representation of what different screens of the app will be used.
  • Screens – mockups for testing with real users in our UX research lab.
  • Design systems – we prepare guidelines that make sure your website will always be consistent and beautiful.
  • Development – using well established technologies (for stability) with a hint of the lates ones (for the thrill and wow-factor).
  • Testing – check everything from top to bottom.
  • Go live and analyse the traffic – give you actionable reccomendations based on data.

We believe in specialization: everyone does what he does best. You focus on running your business, we help you enhance it with design and technology.

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